Four Dead After Fatal Accident on La Panamericana Highway in Nicaragua

Four Dead After Fatal Accident on La Panamericana Highway in Nicaragua

Four people died after a pickup truck collided with a semi on kilometer 40 of La Carretera Panamericana Norte in Nicaragua. Driver of the pickup, in which 7 people travelled from the city of Matagalpa to Managua, tried to overtake another vehicle, got into the lane of oncoming traffic and crashed head on with the semi.

Three people died at the scene, one more died en route to a hospital. Nicaraguan authorities identified the three casualties as Erick Noel Montenegro Reyes, Alejandro Quezada and Anielka Quezada. 8 year old Jasser GonzΓ‘lez and eight months old Marcela Quezada survived the crash and are treated in the German-Nicaraguan Hospital (Hospital AlemΓ‘n NicaragΓΌense).

Culprit driver – Francisco Antonio Espinoza RamΓ­rez took off and is currently still missing.

Props to Best Gore member LordTyranus for the video and info:

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  1. At 1:31, Weird to see that dead woman peacefully laying in the car and no one tried to get her out from there.

    (ate, I sent you 3 videos today, I hope you recieved them.. I used to contact Vasily via his personal mail, but now I started using the new “Write for BG” option, I hope it works)

        1. You’re right.
          Why would someone think I’m paid for it lol

          I just do it for my own pleasure, It’s always a pleasure to share things with you guys.. plus, I’m used to translate from arabic to english and french before even coming here, and I still like doing it.

  2. Holy shit that truck is FUCKED UP!! shit people died in that wreck I’m surprised anyone survived that…yeesh…wonder what caused her to have that white stuff come out her mouth..then again she does have a whole Mack truck in her lap…rest in pieces people!!..haha..get it?!?..lolz..

    1. I think when you’ve made the move into the oncoming lane at say 55 mph, you have now committed to the pass. If your coming upon a slower vehicle and go to pass without looking first that is when your stuck with the consequences.
      Find this moron who was driving and lynch his ass in the center town…

    1. I was thinking the same….
      Lucky is a good word to use for anyone who survived. That poor bastard on the ground was most likely riding in the truck bed.
      Surprised the passenger truck didn’t catch fire based on the severity of the damage..

  3. Does anyone else notice the BG server getting slower ?

    Every post gets an average of 100 posts now.

    Not to mention the millions just looking.

    Canada made a big mistake fucking around with Mark πŸ˜†

    Here they were thinking they could shut us up.

      1. please, don’t jinx us with that “server getting slower” talk 😑
        in my experience, it’s been better than ever.
        agree with you on the rest though, bg feels leaner yet stronger at the same time. i’ll say it again: the people who comment here make the difference

    1. @daddysprincessxo – i second your “yay for the babies surviving”. their parents would want that and those children deserve the ability to recover from this and fulfill their lives.
      bacon is beautiful btw, so don’t be calling me bitch if i brought you a nice thick center cut of “babe: pig in the smokehouse” and you can have all you like

    1. it struck me at times over the years: how many wind tattered ribbons and placards lining the roads we travel, each indicating a point of departure for someone who was loved enough that people marked it for others to see. i find they are like milestones that keep our minds from wandering too far from driving safely and that is also a manner of honouring those who passed there before us. i hope those children can recognise that someday, how their tragic loss alerted drivers so that other families might survive the open road

      1. @antivirus your words,like a malevolent virus from heaven ‘n hell, just tore that useless harddrive called scholar’s heart a new arse…

        such beauitful post by you, and a gem i’ll tuck in the corner of my mind for years to and years to come!
        very BEAUTIFUL xoxo

        1. ok, i can see we’re going to have to do this the hard way:
          @arjuna – you’re getting my hug, friend. that way if/when you ever actually do have the honour of holding this looker in your arms, it will be my comfort, solace and affection she receives first :p
          @homoixtab – hmmm, that could be a tricky dickey one to deal with… perhaps i should contract some japanese whalers to pursue that particular specimen. not to worry @ScHoLaR oF SMuT/SLeaSe/ReJeCtoR oF HUgS – i’ll see to it that they send you a small vial of his ambergris to comfort you 😈

    1. didnt a crazy babysitter once bake a baby in turkey roast pan..stuffed it with potatoes n carrots..
      when the doctor mom cam home said ” ohhhhh weeeee. omething smelling smells some GOOD” then she went on and asked her sweet baby was still sleepin and babysitter said ” Errr….What baby???????”

      1. πŸ™‚ I’m pretty sure the cooked baby story is an urban legend used in showing the evils of drugs (I remember first hearing that story in the 70s about a babysitter on LSD)…
        But who knows SoS, strange things happen, as we have all witnessed on this site.

  4. I know this is off-topic but gotta say it somewhere: Today, December 7th, is Pearl Harbor day in the United States. This is of course the day Japan attacked the United States in 1941, killing 2,402 Americans and bringing us ball out into WWII.

    However, today as I speak, our flags are at half mast, not for Pearl Harbor and the American victims on that day, but from a non-American black man from S. Africa!

    As I said in a post a day or two, how fucking embarrassed I am right now to be American!

  5. The highway belongs to the big rigs. That’s how I see it. So, when I’m on it, I don’t take chances and I don’t mess around or drive recklessly. Truck drivers are on those roads a lot more than we are because they’re doing their job, and we owe it to them to drive safely. Just as much as they owe it to us to remember that they’re in a vehicle that’s a lot bigger, and way more powerful, than anything else on the road. All we need is one safety precaution to be taken for granted even just once, and we’ll have a scene like the one in the video.

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