Four Spaniards Die in Minibus Crash in Chittoor, India

Four Spaniards Die in Minibus Crash in Chittoor, India

This happen in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, India. A minibus collided with a truck, killing four Spanish nationals and the driver. Six other Spaniards were injured, one of them critically.

The Spaniards were in India on behalf of the Rural Development Trust, a Spanish investment company overseeing the development activities in the area. They were on their way to Puducherry from Anantapuramu when the minibus ran into the oncoming truck.

Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 for the pics:

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          1. He meant the west, Asians as a whole are terrible. I don’t have too many good words for Americans… but they are normally good drivers (when there is no manual gear πŸ™‚ ). They start driving at age 9. Can only have a beer at age 21 πŸ™‚

      1. I will do… when you have that SUV. I’m not jumping on your red bike, we all know what happen to bikes around India… Extra super safe Bobby. I guess I can’t push you out of it. “On the earth, India is the country that stands for highest number of motorized two-wheeler vehicles” more than China.

  1. These spaniards were on a expedition to India to see if they could steal their gold!!

    Just like they did in South America to the Inca and Myans fucking theives!!!

    Spanish have so much of the worlds gold in their banks just looking for more… bye bye bye

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      They are less smart in comparison to their counterparts such as the British, the Portuguese or the like.

      They prob thought they would go to India and buy some land in exchange of mirrors like they with did the stupid South Americans Indians!

  2. Spaniards are arrogant tourists you hear them rambling on in that spic language as they walk through you in your country as if youre not there they need to know fear and some humility to become reasonable human beings i agree no Indian gold for them this time

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