Four Times Hit, One Failed Run

Four Times Hit, One Failed Run

There are only two possible answers here – either the driver was completely wasted drunk, or the vehicle was operated by a female driver. I can totally, realistically picture a female driver pulling off something this absurd behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

At first, the driver bumped into a parked car and triggered its alarm. During the attempt to flee, the driver misjudged the size of their vehicle and hit three other parked cars, for a total of four, overturning the vehicle during the run in with the fourth. How can someone fail so much in such a short period of time is beyond me. Some people should not be allowed to drive.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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38 thoughts on “Four Times Hit, One Failed Run”

  1. Not all female drivers are shit. I haven’t gotten a ticket yet and the worst drivers I’ve ever rode with were all male. Maybe that’s a coincidence. I think women tend to be more cautious in general and that applies to driving too.
    That being said Asian female drivers are horrible and there are some bad apples out there but look at the broader picture.
    Can someone provide statistics on which gender gets into more car accidents/gets more tickets? Until then I’m doubtful.

    1. I totally agree with you.
      Not only have I never received a ticket but, I’m only 19. Been driving for 2 years and I haven’t gotten into an accident at all.
      I think old people are awful drivers. I haven’t seen an asian here get into an accident nor have I seen an asian bad driver.
      But honestly, old people. Why has no one brought that up? My friend was bumped by an elder driving and she literally kept going until he moved out of the way; no remorse haha.
      But really guys, women are actually not so ba drivers.
      I think it seriously depends on the country, and the persons mobility. Obviously elders are gonna be shit while driving since most are either half deaf or half blind.

      I totally sound like a feminist right now haha

      1. I’m 19 too and definitely not a fan of feminists. I think that men are the sun and women are the moon, to put it romantically.
        I just know bull and lies when I see it. We all have our strengths and weaknesses but to put everyone in the same boat because of an ascribed status such as gender is silly.

        1. I agree. I’m 28, been driving since I was 16. Never had an accident or a ticket yet. I don’t speed or drive intoxicated. Know why? This site and others like it. I was educated young, first by and then goregasm and now best gore.

      2. Bwahahaha you guys are only 19 and driving for 2 years…I’m really not trying to be an ass but drive a little longer and you will really see…I’ve been driving for about 12-13 years with 3 accidents and a BUNCH of speeding tickets…but yeah keep driving and you will see the horrors of the road and be able to make a better judgement of the situation…then try to drive an 18 wheeler(what I do for a living) and then you will have a better outlook

      3. haha, yall totally do sound like feminists!
        I’ll definitly agree with you about the elderly, and authentic asin men AND Women (but mostly women)

        But as far as who gets more tickets, thats just not a fair comparison.
        Being that most cops are men, if a male gets pulled over for breaking whatever law by another male the odds are the cop will not grant any simpathy or lleniency towards the mistake he made.

        The cop would most likly have the attitude of “your a grown man you should know better……ya dumbass” and theres not really anything the dude can do to change that attitude within the cop, any attempets would likely cause some kind of aggresion between the 2 guys…. and more or harsher ticketing.

        Now same senario but with a
        (of-age) 18-45 year old woman being pulled over by the same cop. The female would have many diffrent ways to change the attitude of the cop towards her. She could play the i’m inocent card, the crying and helplless card, the (im so sorry i honestly did’nt know card) and im sure theres more that i can’t think of, but with a few flirtatious move and a heart wrenching excuse she has earned the male cops simpathy, and most likely a “i’ll just let you off with a warning this one time” attitude from him and bada-boom she saved herself from getting a ticket.

    2. I am 25 and was just in my first accident because of a MF’ing old asian woman! Pissed off is an understatement. It was raining and I should have known when she pulled out in front of me she was an idiot.

      Anyway, she enters an intersection and is almost completely through (she’s at the crosswalk on the other side while I just passed the crosswalk at the beginning of the light) when the light turns yellow. She slams on her brakes. I do the same but with the rain I just slid into her. She gets out and doesn’t speak English and keeps saying “opps I think I stop.. I think I stop opps”. And it’s my fault? Who the fuck stops the second a light turns yellow when they are almost across the entire intersection? WTF did she think we were gonna do? Both sit in the middle blocking the Entire intersection? Of course nothing was wrong with her car either, only mine. Then she insisted we call the cops (in Philly) even after the dispatcher told her if no one is injured they won’t do anything. So lets stand in the rain for over an hour waiting for the cop that just tells us to exchange info. Genius. It still makes my blood boil thinking about it.

  2. WTF?:D seriusly it hapens when you do not know how to drive + you hit something + you nervous + you in a hurry.
    Sometimes I forgeting to wear the safety belt, and when i see a Cop in the street i think to myself, oh shit, need to fasten my safety belt. but in a hurry i pull the belt to fast, and it freezes,and i trying again and again.and if someone sitting next to me, laugh at me, and i going mad for this, lol 馃榾

  3. I wanted to comment a bit on the male vs. female driving thing. The male brain is much better suited for spatial tasks while the female brain is better suited for verbal skills. Men are better, in general, at gauging position, velocity, acceleration, etc., and so have an inborn advantage when it comes to driving. But, this is only a generality. There are very skilled female drivers, and very inept male drivers. While men as a group are more skilled at driving, we are also more aggressive, and so will take more chances and are much more likely to engage in road rage. This is why our insurance rates are higher…we are statistically a greater risk.

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