Freak Accident on Istanbul Metro Leaves Man with a Rod Through the Hip

Freak Accident on Istanbul Metro Leaves Man with a Rod Through the Hip

Here’s a recent freak accident from Istanbul, Turkey. A 33 year old security guard was taking the metro to work same as anybody else when out of nowhere, a metal rod punched through the train car and right into the man’s hip. Medics got on scene thirty minutes later and took the man into surgery where the rod has been removed and he has survived the injury and is now recovering. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

The metro he was on travels under the heart of Istanbul, which has 22 million people in the metropolitan area. So what are the odds that this man was the one to have such a random and violent encounter. Also included are images of the evacuation from the train car.

Props go out to Best Gore member Azure for the info and pics.

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    1. Yeah it’s quite amazing to me that everyone left that train in a hurry and they just left that man there. Only person to stay behind, apparently, is someone wanting to snap a photo. I’m sure he just left afterwards to take pictures of the exit route.

      1. I’d be a hypocrite to say no one should take photos considering I a on this website looking at them. In saying that, it’d be nice if atleast one person comforted the guy in the mean time, ya know?

        Yeah, most definitely did!

    1. I don’t know if someone could impale another grown man on a pole, in a train, with ten thousand other people riding in the carriage…….could they?

      Freak accident I’d say Miss Tucker…….

      1. I agree, there is no way a person would have the force required to shove a rod clear through someone’s body like that. I’m pretty sure such a rod would not be brought onto the train by a passenger in order to try to impale someone. Besides the train was in motion and if it hit some part of a scaffolding or other such thing left behind for maintenance, this could be explained.

        1. I wouldn’t say “There is no way…” . Some kids or someone easily could have angled the rods toward the cab. However I do agree that it was freak of chance that it hit him, could have just as easily went through a childs head, or hit nothing at all. My bet is that it is just a complete freak accident, but we cannot rule out all possibilities.

        1. It looks like the same sqare poles used to hold the fence up outside. Also look at the seat that was ripped away and the wall. My guess is that it came from outside and just pierced through at the speed of the train.

        1. Air cooled snookie does have big eyes like mine. The reason I think it is a hand rail is because it seems similar to artist Frida kalo had a trolly car accident. She was stabbed through the hip and out of her vaginal.

        1. All’s well @ny mate cheers, apart from the odd niggle in life like this stupid fucking tablet, which seems to have been programmed to piss my life off !, heap of junk is on thin ice I tell ya buddy 😉
          How’s things your side man ?

          1. @ewe. Pretty good man. Just thenormal stresses of life. Myphone is messed up to man. DonDon’t feel bad lol.Glad to hear your ggood brother.

          2. Hey danielray. I feel like the trucker in Thelma & Louise when they pull alongside him and ask how he is…….:-D
            How’s Texas treating you bud ?

  1. One more reason to add to the lengthy list of why I don’t do public transportation. They more than likely had to cut the ends down to get him out of the train and into the ambulance.

    1. Exactly @rayf, I do not trust public transportation one bit. Hell, I know a guy who is currently involved in a lawsuit against the County because he was being transported from the County jail to the Courthouse, which is all of about 6 blocks, and the idiot County officer driving the van was DRUNK and wrecked the van, causing several injuries to the prisoners on board. Hahaha, you have never seen politicians try to cover something up so quickly in a small town!!

        1. Yeah, the ones around here are very fond of raiding the evidence locker. I knew a guy who got caught with something like 95 Oxycontins, by the time he got to Court, he was only charged with 2, so where do you think the rest of them went, into an officers pocket, that’s where.

        2. @NY better than being cuffed behind the back with no restraints keeping your hind end planted to the bench and the extra bodies act like a cushion the real damage occurs when your by yourself cuffed and they can bounce you like a pinball inside that steel box. Knocked out teeth head trauma and broken bones are a likely result.

      1. @Rebs yep drunk driving, domestic abuse ect, they never let an opportunity pass them by to show you that they are above the law and what you say about taking the evidence home , they sure do ! When they take a teenagers beer they drink it with they’re buddies when they take your fireworks in a state they are illegal in they take then home and shoot them off with their kids, I knew cops who if they pulled you over and your weed or coke wasn’t “good” enough they would take you to jail but if it was killer shit they would let you go and snort and smoke your shit while still on duty and in they’re squad cars. It may take awhile but I hope your friend gets paid, in the end though a lot of city’s and counties are self insured so unfortunately you the tax payer will pay for their miss-deeds.

        1. @rayf. I wouldn’t know that man. I was always in there shackled to some of the worst smelling motherfuckers. The last time I sware this one guy shit himself man. I thought I was going to die from holding my breath for long periods of time.

        1. @ewe.. yeah mention my screen name twice, make it thrice next time.. lol .
          Pole dancing? Ahw fuck don’t want to break a bone in case i fall… Ill reserve my climbing talent to that mango and coconut tree in our backyard.. 😀

          1. I was thinking he was getting rather “intimate” with that metal rod… 😆 But close enough. Good thing he toke it off befor that thing stabbed him on the “previous” area.

          2. @der kopf..
            Haha fuck.. you got a wild imagination, is this what you can think of with a metal rod? You are quite scaring me, hope this is not based on experience.. really hope not.. *sigh* 😀

  2. There’s a claim if ever I saw one. I can see the tv ad now. “have you been impaled by a rod on a train and it wasn’t your fault?”
    Cause I doubt he had flying metal rod damage cover. On the bright side, another few feet higher and it would have nestled snugly in his skull and he’d look lile a human lollipop. So he’s a lot to be thankful for.

  3. You BG members are hilarous, you all made my day with your comments, thank you 😀

    I will post updates as comment on this topic, if there any. Investigation is still continues.

    Yesterday, the victim talked to the journalists that he will sue the people who are responsible for this.

    He also told how the accident happened:

    ” At 08.45 A.M. I took the metro. Few minutes after departed, we felt that the train was lurching.

    Then I saw a metal rod that coming towards me after breaking the window. As soon as I see the rod, I threw myself down to floor.

    There was 3 metal rods, I managed to espace the other two, but the other one sinked into my butt.

    After that, the power blackout happened and the train stopped. First, the machinist came for help,
    then securities and then the firemen.

    It has been told that the accident happened because of the figured irons that had been set up for construction, are fell over on the rails.

    I don’t think I can take the metro again.”

    1. There is a ‘Seconds From Disaster’ episode featuring a very similar incident. In that case a section of track came loose, sliced through the floor of a passenger compartment right between two armrests, nearly taking out some elbows. Those passengers tried to stop the train but no one believed them until it was too late. The lower end of the broken section caught on a switch-track and half the train derailed.

  4. Haha just got home with some bros 81 bin a bar with my boys and some MF tried to fuck with us there lose…
    I still have a cast on my leg,, but let me tell you that cast kicks mighty good!! Never ever fuck with an Angel….-.

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