Front Row Seat View of a Head On Collision in Thailand

Front Row Seat View of a Head On Collision in Thailand

DWA or not, there was no way of avoiding that one.

A dashcam equipped car in Thailand recorded a front row seat view of a head on collision that came utterly out of nowhere. A car traveling in the opposite direction jumped the median strip, uprooted a decorative tree and slammed into the cam car.

The incident happened on the afternoon of May 24th, 2015. Both drivers died at the scene.

Props to Best Gore member MrsPink for the video:

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          1. I was looking left for the most part to and did the whole jerk your head back like one of those June beetles flew full force into my forehead.

    1. Count me in the jumper group, I was hoping to spot the car like I always do with these types of auto carnage, trying to guess which car would it be. Then that car literally flew out of no where.

  1. If you pause it at the 17 second mark you can see the haunted look in the woman?s eyes reflected in the rear-view mirror. Perhaps it was her last sight ever.

    A life snuffed out by pure chance, wrong place and time as they say.

    1. This is precisely why I have life insurance on me for my parents. I’m sober, but are they . . .

      Have to drive; job related. Always have a seatbelt on, no texting & driving; yet there are still fools out there, and one of them probably has my name on it.

  2. Chance, probability and odds all converged to conspire against this unfortunate driver.
    We all know we’re destined to leave this plain, but nobody could ever predict a catastrophic ending like this.
    Much sympathy for the dashcam driver.

  3. My biggest fear when driving; some fuckhead losing control coming the other way. Damn, no time to do anything.
    I try to stick to the furthest lane from oncoming traffic but you don’t always have that option, and it’s no guarantee anyway. I hate driving small cars too; I like big, heavy, and lifted so hopefully the fuckhead goes under me.

  4. Unless you’re in a tank chances are likely you’d fare no better except for one of those new cars that looks like a shopping cart on steroids. In that case Allah Ackbhar to you you poor sap

      1. those smart cars are actually tough….they don’t have much impact absorbing ability but the cockpit wo’t crush easily it’s made from high strength steel. i’d rather bee in a smart car than a cheap encono jap or korean car.

  5. how the fuck did that driver cross into the other lane….. and it looks like he was going crazy fast.

    that’s why i also don’t drive cheap asian cars. I only drive german. my old german car is built like a tank. lot of newer econo boxes will crush like a tin can, airbags won’t help you when the engine is in the driver seat.

    1. Been driving 30 years, but yes, Best Gore makes me more aware of the dangers that I thought I knew. Definitely drive differently after seeing the videos on here.

      To think we used to think nothing of driving around without wearing seatbelts. Just asking for it.

      1. I’ve been driving since 1990, and just today, I noticed, while driving home, that I was between two HGV’s.
        I thought of some of the horrific crashes seen on here, so I pulled over and let the following truck pass.
        Paranoia ?, possibly, but I won’t take chances at all nowadays.

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