Garbage Collector Fatally Crushed Between Trucks in Montrose, Guyana

Garbage Collector Fatally Crushed Between Trucks in Montrose, Guyana

Garbage Collector Fatally Crushed Between Trucks in Montrose, Guyana

Guyana is that one (and only) country in South America where English is spoken and it is the official language of the nation. And garbage collector is one of the many jobs that are more dangerous than being a government thug (aka police officer). That’s for the brainless bootlickers who keep saying the retarded shit like “OMGWTFBBQ the muh cops have it so hard, they risk their precious snowflake lives every day blah blah the fuck you retard blah…

Identified as 45 year old Zameer Isfehani nicknamed Suresh, of Leonora, West Coast Demerara, Guyana, the garbage collector was fatally crushed when an out of control truck pinned him against the garbage truck he was working with.

A father of five, Zameer Isfehani was on the job as an employee of Puran Brothers Garbage Disposal when he was sandwiched in the city of Montrose, opposite Apex Academy.

As the CCTV video of the incident shows, the garbage truck was stationary on the side of the road as workers collected garbage, when another truck rear ended it, crushing Isfehani between them. He was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The management of Puran Brothers Garbage Disposal said in a statement posted on their Facebook page:

One of our garbage trucks was parked on the Northern Carriageway while two of our porters were operating at the rear of the truck in the process of carrying out their daily routine. It was then, that a Canter slammed into the rear of the Garbage truck, the impact of which, caused the immediate death of one of our Porters.

Company’s managing director said they would pay for the funeral expenses and assist the family.

Props to Best Gore member @pigsticker for the video:

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  1. Life is funny isn’t it. Majority of people don’t have good lives, spending their whole lives suffering and depressed. In this instance, the victim fits the criteria working as a low paid garbage man to support five kids. Death then comes in an abstract manner. He was at the back of that garbage truck thinking I can’t wait to go home and have a beer then BOOM! Out of nowhere, he meets his end being instantly killed by a deranged vehicle. They say “hard times never last” I guess that’s true considering he won’t have to do that job anymore, lol.

      1. Exactly. Five kids when you’re on a low paid career. I often assume poor couples in third world countries have lots of kids as a gamble one of them will be successful and bring them the riches they want when they’re too old. Honestly, it’s a stupid gamble.

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  2. If the lazy guy is gonna direct one of his working partners to do something that puts him in a vulnerable position, the least he could do make sure there’s no danger behind him.
    He never even gave one quick look to the right once Zameer had his back turned to traffic.
    You’d think people wearing safety vests would have a better grip on all safety measures

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  3. Poor guy that sucks, at least he didn’t suffer, looks pretty instant and never knew what happened. That driver that slammed into him is a f’ing retard and should never have been driving if he can’t see a big trash truck stopped with workers behind it. Hope the dead guy’s family can sue the shit out of that company and driver they will need it with 5 kids.

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  8. I don’t want to speak ill of the dead, but those garbos’ were very slow. Even during all that time they still didn’t get the bin emptied. Maybe if they’d been faster?
    Also interesting that the older trucks needs 3 workers. One driver and 2 garbos’. The newer ones that I’ve seen have just a driver who operates a robotic arm that pics up the bin and dumps it in the back. It takes about 3 seconds ! Technology steals jobs but if technology had been used here that fella would still be kicking. Ok, yes at home bored, unemployed and driven mad by 5 kids, but still kicking……..

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