Gas Thieves Fetch Death, Deadly Fuel Tank Explosion in Tanzania, Africa

Gas Thieves Fetch Death, Deadly Fuel Tank Explosion in Tanzania, Africa

Gas Thieves Fetch Death, Deadly Fuel Tank Explosion in Tanzania, Africa

Best Gore member @abdul-muiz says:

This happens on Saturday 10, 2019 at Morogoro Eastern Tanzania. The Lory carrying fuel (petrol) has accident at Msamvu, where tank leaks.

People from all around come to fetch deadly fuel. After about ten minutes where enough people for gore gathered, it happens what every petrol will do to motherfuckers.

Props to Best Gore member @abdul-muiz for the video:

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          1. Pretty sure I saw it on BG. It’s great the video catches the explosion and then people running full sprint engulfed in flames.

      1. I couldn’t bear that video but this one I find quite entertaining…I think it’s that animals are utterly without any choice; absolutely at the mercy of POS humans. By contrast, the charred chaps in this video made their own choice to take the risk in order to rip something off.

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