Girl Crushed to Death by Truck Dies Twisted Out of Shape

Girl Crushed to Death by Truck Dies Twisted Out of Shape

I don’t know much about this video. It shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident. A young woman was crushed to death and twisted out of shape when she was run over by a truck.

There’s her flip flop on the road next to the smear. Her midsection was crushed to the point of disintegrating, leading to the separation of her upper body from her lower body. There are some Chinese characters in parts of the video, leading me to suspect it happened in China or Taiwan.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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    1. My friend is Highway Patrol here in L.A. He says sometimes they themselves do it because of gridlock and needing to get the highway opened up. It’s always bikers or those Euro midget cars popular with liberals. Paramedics take forever and not like an investigation is gonna bring em back or do anything. He’s already seen his fair share of gore.

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  1. The truck’s a Tata according to the markings on the wheel hub or whatever that middle part of the wheel’s called. And the motor bike that passes by towards the end is a Bajaj Discovery. Both being Indian made makes me think that this was happened in India. On the other hand I don’t see a reason why Chinese Or Taiwanese would use Indian made trucks or bikes. Just a thought.

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    1. ” If you’ve found you have just crushed a living human being with your behemoth, company vehicle, what is the first step of procedure:
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      B. Go in reverse for the same reason as option A.
      C. Get out and manually unstick that shit from your company vehicle and get the fuck outta there, stat.
      D. All of the above. “

        1. Considering the mishap in the ‘smear’ video, I’m assuming they’re pretty lenient when it comes to these sorts of situations. Can always let those minor tragedies slide.
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  2. Looks like one of those magician’s tricks where he saws the lady into 3 pieces, rearranges the parts, and her head ends up below the legs, and everyone’s like, “How’d he do that?” Well, now you know.

  3. I think the girl tried crossing to the other side to sell those garlands now can be seen strewn around next to her on the road misjudging in the process that the behemoth headed her way wouldn’t stop .
    its sad she died while earning her living .
    The video clearly has its footprints from nowhere else but India

  4. Damn, she looks like she is sleeping but we all know the truth she is dead poor girl. Reality check being human on this one I wonder what was going through the minds of the people during this prolly doesn’t matter we don’t know her but damn that sucks but continue on best gore this is a necessary evil on our part or on my part, yet we must confront reality from those who want to shield it continue this site for as long as you can. Thanks Mark for showing us or rather creating this website and to all those who worked on and keeping it up and active.

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