Girl Dragged, Holding On to the Back of a Moving Motorcycle

Girl Dragged, Holding On to the Back of a Moving Motorcycle

Wait for it…

Strangely bizarre video shows a surprising twist to what looks like your standard traffic situation. Out of the blue, a moving motorcycle enters the video with a girl holding onto the back of it, being dragged as the rider swerves through traffic.

It is hard to tell why the girl was dragged, but the possibilities are that she role pillion and fell, or it’s her motorcycle and the guy is trying to steal it. Either way, she definitely ended up with some nasty road rash on her legs, but hopefully nothing more cause the motorcycle picked up speed so she could have easily hit her head or break her neck.

Does anybody know anything more about what’s going on here?

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        1. Bahahaha .thier FUCK. Stuck to thier job .funny sticky rice sticky hands sticky awe shit i dont have an end to this im just dragging. Along with this.. bullshit hshs.still i love people lol

    1. Are you serious. I loaded the web pic, small kid in a yellow. Basket. Behind a fucking motorcycles, well. That’ll be an example. On BG tomorrow, ,,im sure,,,,,,thanks for the fuckd up pic lol….its funny i hope the baby and dad? Is ok haha

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  2. My take on it is that she really didn’t want that guy stealing her purse. They do a lot of those motorcycle snatch jobs over there. Wonder what she was telling Ching Chong as he dragged her. Something like, motha asshoe, ret go my PUss…Humpty Dumpty dumba ass,, thass is the boooshit!!! Gonna shova a chopstick up you asshoe

    1. WTF. Is GTA V PC ? Are you in germany or in the UK. Its a small island state near the ,shit i forgot. I too google every thing. But i really. Love posting to my peeps across the glob, and fuck i do drink too much. And cant or dont remember. Shit sometimes.. wowww love my cold cold beer.

      1. @ewestomper and @boozer – Dont worry, ill take care of him… 馃槅

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      1. Hahaha, lol ,,,dont stone,but aw do drink a few here and there,once or twice or three,or fuck!you know!!!,anyway im ok now,i miss ya ,in just one day ,i think im addicted. Well not the site but the folks, i share my life with in BG i guess?well ill see y’all. Too damn soon. Night ,,my homies,,D-Ray,,its redneck name not . African american ..sorry my Afri- American. No punt intended

    1. Hahahaha, that was my absolute first reaction. When i played the vid ,,weeeeeeee haha then the dude on the left side bottom screen on his moped just stunned, didnt even move an inch ,”ooo nut sow funny. Hehehe covering his mouth. .

    1. Nah, she was holding on for dear life,but i wonder what really. happened to this poor girl and i know she was hurt .her legs went upwards at the end of vid .but why would she. Hang on ,it doesn’t. Make one fucking sence ,and the fucktard just continues to drive on, i hope he gets a massive jail time. Here in America. Its attempted murder by vehicular, assault. With intent. I did that to my niehber. The but here in Texas. Shit yo fucked if you break any law .one scratch on whom your fighting. With ..bye bye jail

          1. Yea,im sure its a great place ,never mind, ill just move to Iraq, its probably a better country to live in ,but im sure my life expectancy is about. 24Hrs,I’ll have at less a fighting chance,thanks stompy

  3. Whoa, the possibilities are endless. He could of handcuffed her to the bike. She could be trying to prevent a theft. She doesn’t look like she fell otherwise he would stop. She should let go, if she could

  4. Did anyone notice that the girl first walking across the sidewalk is the one that ends up getting dragged? She is wearing the same clothes. I think he was trying to snatch her purse and she was too dumb to let go.

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