Girl on a Motorcycle Breaks Her Neck and Smashes Her Head

Girl on a Motorcycle Breaks Her Neck and Smashes Her Head

Thai female organism rode on a motorcycle without a helmet and crashed, breaking her neck and smashing her head open. Brain matter leakage was inevitable. What remains uncertain is whether despite the organism being identified as female, there is a frank and beans between the legs.

No further info about the accident:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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47 thoughts on “Girl on a Motorcycle Breaks Her Neck and Smashes Her Head”

    1. Yeah I think so too on second look..the last photo looks like a mans bottom, I’ve perved on enough chicks bums to know. Also in that pic I see a smear of brains on his jeans. He must have bent backwards after the initial impact that caved in the head

          1. @1girl1cup, no, I answered in another topic, your clito is bigger than an asian male cock, if you’re in bed with an asian male you would get your clito sucked and you would fuck the guy

    1. It’s an Asian in the pics. Mark is just sparing you the disappointment of their practically non-existent junk. Looking for that in a pic would be like walking out into a field to see the same blade of grass from yesterday. It just ain’t happening.

          1. Meehh. Why do pictures of minature, greyish colored, scared turtle, covered in black hair forest, shrively penis images fill my head.

    1. there is worst than an asian or russian female driver… there is me ! I feel quite at ease on a straight desert road but as soon as there is a turn or I meet another car I’m in total panick like a crazy pussy

        1. euh no… I’m a guy :S
          I have to drive with an automatic car (99% of the cars are manual here, but no way for me), I am still sometimes confused with the speed and slow down pedal, and last week I had to reverse into a parking space, made 2 attempts, with 10 cars waiting and upseting behind, before finaly my driving place to a friend next to me… People expected to see a blond bimbo or a grandma going out of the car, they saw a 30yo guy who get his driving license 10 years ago after 80 hours of driving lessons and 5 attempts ( the maximum of attempts in my country) :S

          1. Sorry to hear that. You sound pretty awful Daja.
            Good thing you aren’t close to me…shitty drivers suck! And I don’t mean the good kind.

          2. don’t worry I’m in Europe, I may have some kind of driving phobia, while in the same time I drive daily a motorbike ( got 2 accidents, the worst while I was even not driving, just trying to climb a sidewalk and then the motorbike reared up and felt on me), but now I drive quite good and feel at ease on my motorbike ( I just brushed against a lady once but no injury)

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