This Had Great Potential – Part II

Girl on Motorcycle Almost Levelled by a Semi Truck

Drccoco says we need a follow up to the This Had Potential post, aka a moment caught on camera in which a divine hand interfered with the comeuppance of people on the list of the nominees for the Darwin Awards, so here’s another one. A girl on a motorcycle must have dozed off or something cause all of a sudden she stopped paying attention to riding and her motorcycle just went sideways without regard to oncoming traffic. She should have been levelled by that semi truck, but missed the date with the Reaper by a hairline.

Props to Best Gore member drccoco for the video:

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80 thoughts on “This Had Great Potential – Part II”

    1. ONly thing I can think is the biker bitch had just come from the bar! Notice how when the semi passed her she hardly moved! I drive a bike and when theres a semi doing something like that you pay attention BIG TIME!!! And then the way she drifted into the on coming bonk bonk without a care in the world DWI lookin for a wreck! Bet when she hit that trailer it broke her arm! OOpy Doop I got brains made outta poop!

  1. This should put her off driving motorcycles for a good while. Should have guzzled some more energy drinks before hitting the road. Well, at least the people in the car now have a cool story to tell because of their dashcam.

    1. Holy Shit! I think this is one of the only videos I’ve seen in a long time that people actually came out to not only assist the biker but also grab her bike. Where the hell was this at? Definitely not Brazil and the hell with Thailand ;D

      1. Fucking seriously, i’ve seen so many videos on this site and some of the most disturbing things happen in brazil or thailand. I saw a video where a girl fell off a freeway overpass and the asian couple in their car just went around her, and went about their own business. World is fucked! at least she came out of this alright.

  2. Modern conveniences like transportation become such a part of every day life that we get too comfortable with them even though they have the potential to end that every day life. She’s lucky as hell. I imagine if The Grim Reaper hadn’t lost his hard on for her, she’d have been human empty tooth paste tube’d by that truck. Guts all out of the mouth. Tease…

  3. I find these ?had potential posts? to be like tucking into a jam doughnut and realising that there is no jam, still very much enjoyable but your left wanting for more.

    It is like sex without the orgasm, Laurel without Hardy, Allah without the Akbar, still, it gives us something to talk about between new material.

  4. Nope, she isn’t going to be a great gramma no effin way. Just used up every last mulligan to ever be distributed to her right there. I figure mine are all gone and I’ve never come that close. She’s walking dead it killed her insides it had to!

  5. How do you fall asleep while riding a motor bike? The sounds of the cars, and trucks speeding by you should be enough to keep you the least bit conscious. She probably opened her eyes right as she brushing the side of her body against those hot rubber wheels.
    On another note, I hate teenage drivers. My dad, who’s been driving for many years, was in THREE accidents; nothing major at all, mostly fender benders and one light side hit. All of the fucking cars who hit him were being manned by stupid, oxygen wasting, Motherfucking teenagers! I wanted to put their heads under the wheel of my truck and run their empty useless heads over until they were no more.
    Sorry for the venting but I just dislike moronic people, and teenage drivers hold a special hateful place in my heart.

    1. I’ve fallen asleep behind the wheel of my old lil Honda, I was up all night with my newborn son (6 yrs ago lol) and had to be in a different city over 2 hrs away, so what do I do? Chug a few energy drinks and thought oh I’ll be alright! Luckily I had a babysitter because on the way home I fell asleep AMD swerved in and out of traffic for about 3 minutes before some saviour from Hades pulled in front of me and eased me to a stop while on the phone with an ambulance!!! Scariest shit ever is waking up with people pulling you out of your car and you out trying to fight them because you don’t know where you are and think your son is in the backseat!!!! I was 16 at the time.

      1. @The brain is not fully developed even at my age.I think you may be a tad older than me. Which is why teenagers are more likely to take risks than an adult with a fully developed and experienced brain. I am pretty sure you wouldnt take that risk again now would you Lauren? Would hate to see you on here :'(

        1. Haha! No way in hell would I drive after 48 hours of no sleep and only running on 3-4 energy drinks!! Especially a 4hr round trip drive!! And I’m 22, how old are you?
          @gunk.. your right, something out of the ordinary was going on for sure!

  6. this had great potential… these are great mark. maybe you should start a section with these types of vids? i know itll bum out alot of the gore seekers but i find these videos fascinating…

    and isnt there some kind of rule that youre NOT supposed to move somebody if theyve been in an accident like this?

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