Girl Struck by Female Driver in LA, Bystanders Execute Revenge

Girl Struck by Female Driver in LA, Bystanders Execute Revenge

What we have here is a clash of two worlds. On one hand there is a liberal feminist who thinks cultural diversity is the best thing in the world, everybody on t3h interweb is an anti semite and all men are evil. On the other there is a pack of knee grows ready to culturally enrich everyone who crosses their path. Because in this video I was the liberal feminist behind a wheel of a motor vehicle who crossed their path, she got a bit of her own medicine. This whole scenario is so pathetic I couldn’t even tell you which side makes me more sick to the stomach.

So a female driver strikes a black girl who was crossing a road in LA. Pack of diversity’s finest witness it and as their monkey instincts take over, they instantly proceed to culturally enrich the female driver’s car. At that moment, you could easily confuse Los Angeles with a fucking monkey infested jungle. As the pack of rabid negroids kept growing in size and primal aggressiveness, the female driver took off in an attempt to flee.

But the uselessness of a female behind a wheel of a motor vehicle cannot be underestimated. Bitch crashed her fucking car into a crossing truck moments after takeoff.

It really is impossible to determine who is more degenerate – a feminist who thinks she can drive and promotes multiculturalism, or out of control negroids ready to culturally enrich everyone they come across with displays of savagery.

Mandatory disclaimer – if you don’t feel culturally enriched watching this video, then you are a homophobic, racist, misogynist, anti Semite.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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123 thoughts on “Girl Struck by Female Driver in LA, Bystanders Execute Revenge”

    1. True, in defense to the driver: she was right as she had the lights but in some places the pedestrians usually get the right of way. She should have been more aware of her surroundings, a common fault of females in general.. statistically speaking. In defense to the knee grows, look at the expression of the 2 crossing the road expecting the driver to stop and come out to assist, not reverse and wait. Hence the “come out bitch! and carry her to the hospital” hate chant.

      1. I lived in LA for 5 miserble years! I hated every minute of it. Leftist imigrant filth everywhere. I used to say that I couldnt wait to move back to america,,, and boy did I get called every name under the sun for saying that. Now I call the great state of Texas home..

        1. Sucks that you have to leave your own cities (and soon our Countries) because of this kind of shit.

          If it’s not LA, it’s Detroit, or Philadelphia, or Atlanta, or Oakland, or Chicago, or Baltimore and so on it goes.


        2. I fucken hate rednecks therefore I hate Texas, eventhough I agree with deporting the illegals and despise the inhuman traits of niggers I think Texans in general are ignorant fat and give the rest of us Americans a bad name 🙂

          1. I will take american rednecks any day over the mexicans/persians/asians/ what ever other ians have taken over LA and drain the productive citizens dry!

          1. One of the few non-zio non-multicutural states left in the USA.. But just barely. The kenyan has seen fit to hand out WIC, obamacare and welfare like candy to all of the mexicans crossing the border!

  1. It’s called fleeing for your life. I would have been scared shitless too of those apes and drove off. When you’re panicking like that, you aren’t really watching the cross street. Fucking lynch mob over a damn accident? Idiots.

    1. couldnt agree more and sorry to say but fuck living in america, the entire fucking blacks walk around with some chip around their shoulder born into prosperity and oppertunity and stupid cunts think they are owed something and superior..

  2. Blacks…Ugh. Oh well. Just another White girl getting a taste of reality.

    Though.. one wonders if you live in a big city in the USA, how you can be so utterly blind to it in the first place.. But Liberal Leftism does strange things to peoples minds.

    They want to support these people, I say let them rot with ’em. Truly, Liberal White females are like White-skinned Black females anyway.

    1. If you and your family sleep in a cage of Lions, can you see so upset when one of your own gets mauled to death?

      They are acting within accordance of their natural state of being. This type of behaviour is not an outlier – this type of behaviour is normal and common amongst those of African decent.

      The ones who should be put down and the ones they continue to force us to mix with them, both socially and genetically, and the ones who actually do that mixing genetically.

  3. I do not feel culturally enriched at all, in fact I feel like I have been raped.

    In my experience black people tend to use any excuse to become violent and aggressive, even an insignificant event can cause them to want to murder, rape and plunder.

    Where I live I have seen this happen time and time again, they do not understand the notion of civility, they act on pack mentality, one goes ape and they all do.

    The fellows in this video should have helped the women hit by the car whilst making a note of the car plate number just in case the driver makes a run for it and waited for the police and ambulance, they should not have acted in a stereotype confirming manner.

    But if I am completely honest, I wouldn’t mind the multiculturalists and the enrichers, for whom they love and promote, to wipe each other out, it’s a win/win situation.

    1. What ends up happening though, is the ‘multiculturalist’ by and large live away from the hellholes their philosophy has created.

      The ones who don’t, suffer. They become victims of robbery, assault, rape, murder and so on. Their daughters grow up into sluts.

      And then the cycle continues – Blacks start migrating toward another place that is majority White, the standard of living drops, the crime-rate soars, and then it’s just another ruined city in an ocean of hundreds.

      Like a pack of locusts drawn to sustenance.

  4. These fucking niggers think they can own you anytime they please. These yard apes are the reason we hate niggers, this behavior is not normal, rational people don’t do this shit. And they wonder why the prison’s are fill with niggers, because you are animals who act out in an instant of opportunity to do bodily harm or destroy property. I feel for the working black man or woman who are lumped in with these type’s, good luck getting away from this shit.

    1. Agreed my friend. The ones who don’t conform to their stereotypical mold have to rise up twice as high as anyone else to escape the negativity related simply to the color of their skin. And its all thanks to these ass clowns.

    2. I appreciate the fact that you actually acknowledge the face that there is a difference between black people and the scum in this video. There may not be many of us but you’d be surprised at how many of us feel the same way you do. When you don’t adhere to the instinctual behaviors of your race they attack. Myself and many of the people I choose to associate myself with have been called ‘Self-hating negroes’ , ‘Disgrace to your own race’ ‘white-washed’ and a whole other slew of monikers by these type of viruses. Simply because of my personal decision to pick up books and read and get away from the garbage around me instead of watch Hip Hop videos and BET.It never once bothered me being enlightened and different from them because I always knew and envisioned my way out and all those pieces of shit would be stuck forever in a cycle of unemployment and babymaking because those are the only job skills required to be taken care of for the next 18 years by the state of California!Who then by the time she’s 40 has no other job skills other than raising the deficit tries to go to community college and suck as much fafsa as she can before she flunks out. No thank you. I work 2 jobs to pay my tuition gladly churn out essays and stay in on weekends with the happy joy of knowing that won’t be my life. Thank you for that acknowledgement.

  5. They’ll smash her car to bits for hitting a girl, but if someone formed a lynch mob because one of those mooks mugged a girl, that would be considered a hate crime. Bullshit on that, she should have run a few of them over for good measure.

    1. AMEN!!! i would have took out a few of those fuckers too. jump on my car and smash my windshield well watch this lets play pedestrian polo. 5 points for each one you take out.

  6. I noticed that too, H. And the “you hit the homegirl”? Durr she stopped I’m pretty sure she was aware of that. (Even though the dumbass obviously wasn’t paying attention in the first place or she wouldn’t have hit her when the other cars were stopped.) With a crowd of angry tribals surrounding the car why would she get out and see if see if she was ok when their first instinct is to jump on her windshield? What are the odds an apology is going to calm them down? When they start acting like regular human beings and not like niggers I’ll be more understanding. Oh that’s right, it’s racist and discriminitive in this country to expect civil behavior; it means you want them to be “white” according to them yet there’s white people who aren’t any better then these assholes. (See your local trailer park for more cultural experience.) Ah the viscous circle of color.

      1. Lol. The trailer park is the most interesting form of white trash I can think of next to the local Walmart here in yuppy hell. I was recalling these 12 yo twins who broke in and ransacked a guys trailer because, they informed the cops and his mother “He was a better dad to his kids than theirs was to them so it wasn’t fair.” Explain the logic in that.

  7. And killthefilth is dead on. I know a few decent black folks who work hard and are good people but as always the larger group has to make a bad name for them and lump them in group when they are the furthest thing from it. Similar to other countries hating our country because a few assholes in politics make dumbass decisions so they assume we must all be “infidels” and animals when there’s quite a few of us who just want to be left to our lives and not getting dragged into stupid shit that only affects the few in charge.

    1. Outliers. The vast majority are like those in the video.

      A small minority doesn’t cause the problems these Blacks do.

      And it’s not just in the States, either.

      I’m sure out of every 100,000 Blacks, a couple hundred could be classified as ‘good’, but then, you can say that about anything. Exceptions exist for all things.

      The behaviour in this video is natural of this racial group.

    2. I agree with Silenced on this matter.

      I am a logical person and do not act or speak on a purely emotional level without having first attained some form of factual data and in my experience, and I can only speak from experience, for every few black people that act appropriately there are a greater number that do not.

      The positives therefore do not outweigh the negatives, I have to conclude from empirical evidence and my conclusion is that black people do, for the most part, act with a pack mentality, alone they may very well behave however when a large enough group gathers they revert to type.

      I strongly believe that this is because black people possess a higher testosterone level, which would explain the evolutionary trend of black people having more muscle mass, and therefore they are more prone to acts of aggression and violence.

      With mental discipline they could control themselves better however the majority, in my experience, choose to act on their urges rather than choosing to control them.

      I do wish and hope that one day they can break away from the stereotypical black person however without discipline and without some form of social structure and peer/societal punishment for the criminally inclined they will never break away.

      If they do not change themselves then they cannot complain when people refer to them in a negative light and they cannot complain when people want segregation back.

  8. niggers aren’t people. they are literally the transitional phase between ape and man. they should actually be extinct by now. seriously; chimpanzee, nigger, man. why do you think niggers act like and resemble chimps so much?
    i mean lets be honest. would you really miss a world that no longer had Africans? wouldn’t you feel just a little bit safer no longer having to walk past a horde of those knuckledraggers at the mall or train station.

    1. “i mean lets be honest. would you really miss a world that no longer had Africans?”

      Try asking that question to bleeding-heart liberals?in particular, our miscegenistic White women.

  9. Looks to me as though the girl who got hit was walking across the street at night when the no walking sign was on. The lady in the vehicle had a green light as you can see another car going the other way as well. So these peeps decide to act out on the driver versus helping the girl. Yeah I would have pressed the gas as well to get out of there.

  10. what a bunch of niggers.. stupid nigger bitch was crossing during a green light and did not have the right of way. fucking whore deserved to get hit.. and for the chimpout,, what do you expect from a bunch of niggers anyway.

  11. With all respect to everyone involved, why was the camera on in the first place? Briefly, it appears the focus was on a large crowd across the way, and conveniently, the camera is ready for the accident waiting to happen.

    I got hit by a car like that once. In the rain. I bounced on my rump and my pride was damaged. I had a nickle-sized bruise on my left knee. The young lady may not have been significantly injured, but *not a single one of her friends* are shown assisting her. She could have been mowed down as the driver was fleeing the scene of an accident/fleeing for her life (take your pick).

    Mobs have nothing better to do with their time.

  12. The lack of help to the girl AND the immediate need to exact revenge speaks volumes.

    To me looked like this chick was crossing the street against a red light…..could be wrong…..but it was clearly an accident….HOWEVER jumping on the window of the driver was NOT. If you want to see the face of bigotry… can see it right here.

  13. 100% ape

    how insanely useless are are dumb niggers like that for society? They dont even help the girl. They dont even have the 70 IQ required to realize that its an accident. What the fuck.

    I wish a bus would’ve magically appeared and run them all over.

  14. Well, the f*cking driver run for his/her life. Worst thing of all: nobody put any attention on the poor girl who crossed the road on a green light. LA ghettos are not much safe for white people indeed.

  15. I hate when people are stereotyping. I have a lot of EDUCATED BLACK friends. Not all blacks are hood rats like these dumb asses. Not all blacks are ghettos and yes, not all blacks love chicken. LOL

    1. “I have a lot of EDUCATED BLACK friends.”

      You make it sound like that’s somethin’ special (LOL). Almost everyone living within a Western country/society has some form of education; therefore, they are “educated”. Get it? Just ’cause someone is educated, does NOT necessarily imply that they’re smart or intelligent. Surely, you live in United States?obvious through your perception of Black (American) stereotypes.

      And you know, that’s what ‘plebs’, like YOU, often say: “Not all [insert particular group of people here] are like ‘this’. Not all [insert particular group of people here] are like ‘that’. Blah, blah, blah…”

      Like it or not, stereotypes exist for a reason. I’ll try to be laconic here: For most people, initially, when they look into a group of people, other than their own, to try and understand them, they almost always look at the commonalities pertaining to the said peoples. It is through the observation of these commonalities in which stereotypes are formed. Hence, stereotypes derive from generalizations?generalizations which focus on common attributes/aspects/traits/etc. associated with a particular group of people (in this case, Blacks). Blacks (regardless of where they’re from or where they reside), more often than not, are prone to misconduct?violence, rape, murder, theft, etc., etc., etc. Best Gore has proven this to be quite true.

      And with you, being an Asian girl (I’m guessing Filipina), don’t even get me started with Asian female stereotypes…

  16. Ugh I can’t force myself to watch this because I will get so upset and I don’t want to ruin my calm mood. I lived in L.A for 21 years and even lived in South Central during the riots which were BS of ppl just wanting to get free shit. I hate people like that. I will admit though now I’ve lived life in the South for 7yrs and they are way worse here vs Cali …. dumb and ignorant. They feel they get a magic ticket to be racist themselves and say whatever and my response is i don’t owe you shit.

  17. In all fairness, blaming the fact that she hit a truck on her being a ‘female driver’ is largely beside the point seeing as she had her windscreen put through and couldn’t see shit..

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