Girl Walking Down Highway with Friend Gets Violently Struck by Car

Girl Walking Down Highway with Friend Gets Violently Struck by Car

So many people sent this video in, I think actually have to publish it now.

I don’t have much backinfo, though. I believe it happened in China, or somewhere around there. The CCTV footage shows a pair, looks like two young girls to me, walking down a highway. One of them appears distracted. I think she’s holding a phone to her ear and is chattering with someone. She then turns around, and that’s just when a car driving down the lane comes and strikes her.

The girl flies over the fence, and her friend hardly notices. She then looks around puzzled with that “Where’d she go?” body language. The vanishing magic trick reminded me of this video.

They should have been on a sidewalk, not on the highway, and should pay attention, not get too preoccupied hooking up a cock carousel ride with a Chad.

Props to everyone who sent me the video. Too many to list:

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112 thoughts on “Girl Walking Down Highway with Friend Gets Violently Struck by Car”

    1. You know how people act like they don’t see the other person so it in turn makes other people avoid them when walking in a store; Someone acts like they don’t see the car when crossing the street; or someone riding a bike on the street they all do the same I don’t see you so get out of my way total bullshit act!!!

      Well she tried it and it didn’t work ….. dumb beotch!!!

          1. Another version:

            A bunch of Jews went swimming; one put his toe in the water and said, “Oooooo, it’s cold!”
            Another put his nose in the water and said, “Ooooooo, it’s deep!”

            The difference between the two jokes? Today is the first time I’ve heard your version. My version was told to me by my mother fifty years ago. 🙂

          2. No, don’t get it?
            Someone below said it’s a quote from a movie.
            I suppose every one of you teenagers saw the movie, but what about us grownups.

    2. Loads of stupidity!!!
      More than enough for every body. …
      Thank god for the Darwin awards….
      She is a real loser!!!
      She is no longer here to spread her legs or her retarded genes…
      I love it, on a stupid scale, she is a 10!!!

    3. It looked like she was confused. Where did my friend go? Duh when you walk in middle of the road with cars comingtheres good possibility you might get hit. Just because you turn your head and you think like a 2 yr old that if I can’t see them then they can’t see me then you need to get taken down. Already to many idiots on this planet.

  1. The distracted leading the blind. The one hit may have been on the phone, but what the fuck was the other one looking at? Other than the 2 healights directly in front of you….You have to be a stupid motherfucker to get hit by a car coming straight at you with headlights on….almost as stupid as getting hit by a train.

    1. on top of all that if you were walking along rode with your friend wouldn’t you instantly realize they were hit by car? she was basically right next to her! even if you can’t see, you gotta be able to hear that. they’re young so I feel bad ,yet old enough for phone but not quite at the age to know to not walk in freeway. they were probably on the phone with each other. dumbasses

  2. Dumb c-words ah fuck it, dumb cunts!
    son; Dad what’s a cunt?
    dad; well son!
    leads him upstairs to where the young lads mother is asleep in bed and pulls back the blanket.
    dad; well son, do you see that hairy triangle between your mothers legs?
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  3. Can’t believe how bad these slant eyed devils are at driving. I think the driver must of been on the phone as well, it’s not like it wasn’t a well lit road.
    Maybe their restaurant was short on dog and needed some tenderised meat ASAP.

  4. I thought the Chinese were the smartest people on the planet. Not so in this clip.
    That driver was so bad he knocked that girl out like a skittle, or a tenpin.
    What the hell were they doing walking on a highway?

  5. Looks like they’re crossing a bridge as you see traffic bottom left way underneath, wow imagine if she splattered down there too.

    I bet they were lost why she on the phone and walked past the entrance to the protected foot walk other side of this left fence.

    Stupid cunt anyhow for walking in the middle of a traffic lane, surely she wouldnt blame it on poor eye sight eh squinty. I see dead fine.

  6. “You think you so smart with your two bright headlights,” said the girl,”and your stupid fast car?”

    “I did not see you, I don’t acknowledge you, so you cannot hurt me”, she continued. Then, wham, bam, and she flew away.

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