GoPro Camera Captures Biker’s Head-on Collision with Truck

GoPro Camera Captures Biker's Head-on Collision with Truck

A biker’s GoPro cam caught his head-on collision with a passing truck. Just riding along and -BAM!- the world goes all topsy turvy. Miraculously, the biker was not killed in the encounter, nor was his camera damaged…at least not too damaged to prohibit securing the footage for all of us to see. Very cool video.

Remember, kids, keep those cameras rolling.

Props to our MrsPink for the sweeetness.

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  1. I saw the extended video on Liveleak the other day and one of the group of riders films up and down the road around the crash but never gets near the downed rider. Couldnt figure that one out.

    1. Hi fellow Gorians, so check this out…I too saw this on liveleak & believe it or not, I happen to live on this road! This happened on Glendora Mountain Road in Glendora, Calif. (SoCal). This road is literally in the foothills where its a very treacherous mountain road. At least 3x’s a week the Life Flight comes & picks up accident victims. It’s a beautiful part of Calif with fresh streams, wildlife for days, hiking trails, etc. The guy driving the truck is from the Dept. of Corrections. They take prisoners up there to cut fire trails. That’s who the guy is in the fire truck. Notice the CDC emblem on his jacket. Just thought you guys might want to know some back info….

    2. Do you really want to survive that? Rode many years without a helmet for this very reason..doubt this guy will ever walk again…if you are not very coordinated don’t even think about buying a motorcycle…helmet or not you will be an organ donor like this guy…

          1. @Stomper.

            Definitely, it’s one of those vids where you find yourself slowly leaning backwards as his mate gets closer to the mangled but still alive twat.

  2. Damn. I was looking trying to see the mph and went around the bend to right and went a bit wide. Looking up while trying to get back in my lane I saw this flash of red and THUD! Flashes of white, black and blue colors. Damn my leg hurts.

  3. Have you ever wondered what it?s like to get hit by a truck but don?t wish to indebt yourself with the hospital bills?

    Have you ever wanted to roll down an embankment at breakneck speed but don?t wish to open your cranium up to the world?

    Well now you can, ?for the memory of a lifetime, GoPro, Gopro, Gopro?.

    1. @Empty.

      So basically what you’re saying is if I wear a “go pro” I can ride around like a madman without fear of injury or death?

      This leads me to a conundrum , do you have shares in “go pro” ( a possibility ) or are you trying to inspire a wave of ” Oh no! Go pro ” Darwinian death vids ( my personal theory )

  4. He should have been more concerned about oncoming traffic but I can’t blame the guy for being out there riding like he was. That road looks like a fucking blast to ride.

  5. As a rider I know someone, a close family member, that still does not know how to do corners. I have to show this to them so they know what happens if you don’t cut it tighter.
    It is bad when you flinch watching the video. Things happen that fast.

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