Gory Video of Brazilian Couple Run Over by Train

Gory Video of Brazilian Couple Run Over by Train

I’ve never been to Brazil, but if I were to guess, it’s not particularly a country with finest drivers in the world. Now, getting run over by train has precious little to do with drivers in Brazil, but has a lot to do with poor fuckers who are sent to collect the remains of people who get run over. Pictures and videos of some of the most brutal traffic accidents come from Brazil. Collecting what’s left of people after such carnage is hard core.

This couple got in the way of a train and needless to say – 2 points for the train, zero for the couple. Train wins! I’m being told that the names of victims are Wiltemberg Silva Santos and Maria Aldenísia do Nascimento. They were run over by train in the capital of Brazilian state Rio Grande do Norte called Natal. The couple was allegedly riding a motorcycle and attempted to cross the railway tracks and got hit by a train. From the video it seems as though there is only one complete body, but a couple of pieces. But apparently there was a couple as in “two people” that got run over by that train.

How careless and oblivious to your surroundings do you have to be to not see the train coming. Trains only run on tracks and as such train can only come either from left or right. Just swing your head both ways to make sure there is no damn train and you should be fine. If you neglect that simple procedure, you’ll end up being half the man you used to be and will get picked up by a hard core dude wearing white gloves. Lower body first, dangling guts next and then the upper body.

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17 thoughts on “Gory Video of Brazilian Couple Run Over by Train”

  1. Brasil has obviously the most gore voyeurs. There are so many gore pics and clips from Brasil and you always see these gorehounds pulling out their cameras and having fun.

    If you want your show and some enthusiast, just take a trip to Brasil and commit suicide in public.

  2. That must suck to have a job like that. He was picking up parts of that mangled body like if was a side of beef on the track. Also the way he picked up the ass end was totally wrong.

  3. It’s a small town where that took place, not enough funds for a fancy uniform and some protective gear. The guy only wear gloves because that’s how it is sometimes, he can’t get emotionally attached to any of the scenes, you must handled it as lifeless flesh and get out of there. The more you stay thinking of what could happened or “poor people”, the harder it is the accomplish the mission, which is to remove the bodies and remains and inform the families.

  4. Ain’t that a bitch? How the hell do you get run over by a train? It’s not like the thing sneaks up on you. You gotta be a pretty dumb fuck to accidentally get run over by a train.

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