Great Compilation of Car Crashes from May 2013

Great Compilation of Car Crashes from May 2013

Great compilation of car crashes caught on dashcam in Russia was put together by a Russian kid who still uses Live Journal (LJ seems to be still popular in Russia). The compilation is very dynamic so it doesn’t have any boring moment and contains mostly latest footage from May 2013, although some older videos are thrown into the mix as well.

Some of the clips seen in the compilation have already been shared on Best Gore, like the opening sequence of an elderly man who gets bitchslapped with a sideview mirror, but most are new. Some are so messed up, you can’t help but ask what the hell was the driver thinking. Unless of course it was a female driver in that vehicle cause then the answer would be self evident. Closing sequence is the cherry on top. Meanwhile in Russia…

Props to Best Gore member pnn69 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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43 thoughts on “Great Compilation of Car Crashes from May 2013”

  1. Yeah, April-May to be exact. And please, Western people, don’t judge Russia by this crazy drivers. I bet such reckless drunk or non-drunk motherfuckers exist in any country of the world, including Mark’s native Canada ) Thanks for posting this, Mark.

    1. Agree … don’t judge. Unless its in some oriental ching chong land country. Then we CAN judge those yellow brown flip flop wearing monkeys and their inability to drive.

      Still the women there will go ass to mouth for less than a dollar.

    1. As to the last clip. I’m gonna break stereotypes ) The guys from this Russian countryside are NOT drunk or anyhow intoxicated, trust me. They’re just having fun. Surprised? I know ))

      1. pnn69, oh no, I didn’t assume he was drunk. I did love his smile though, it was infectious! I was grinning too, watching him goof around, having fun! Were you the one who made this? You don’t look like a “kid” but if so… thank you, very much, I really enjoyed it!!

        1. No, buddy, I live in a city at a distance of around 200 km from the capital city of Moscow, and I’m an English-Russian translator. I’m a 43 yo divorced “old” bald motherfucker. I used to work in a bank system, in an import/export trading, used to work in Dubai in 90’s for a while dealing with export operations. Yes, I smoke a lot (been smoking since I was 16 yo), and I’m a social drinker). Same shit you have in your own country, right?. That’s why I’m talking about breaking stereotypes )

          1. I’m a female who lives in Florida, a Southern state in the United States. And that’s about all the information I give out on line. Sounds like you’ve lived a fascinating life so far ! I believe you’re right, in that most people are the same all over the world. I enjoyed the video, and it was very nice to meet you!

    1. ??, ????, ???? ?????? ??????? ??????, ??????? ????? ?? ???????? )

      P.S. Sorry guys, just random conversation of two rank and file Russian citizens. We are talking about or love to Mother Russia )

  2. Hmmm. Let’s see. Absolutely clueless drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians who have no fucking concept of space, time, and right of way. Are you sure this is Russia and not Boston or Washington DC? This video could easily be one of those two cities.

  3. Great compilation, auto crashes are always my favourite here.

    However, the best one is here with the SUV that careered across a huge median strip and straight into a B-Double at full speed and disintegrating on impact……….. who remembers that one ?

    On another note, people need to learn to put the camera on the dash not the windscreen because they seem to smash first which fucks up my video pleasure 🙂

  4. Helluva lot of it is the common Fidiots driving too fast and inability to gauge time needed turning left from a dead stop in a Yugo versus the speed of the 4000 pound steel ramrod about to slam into your sorry arse if you don’t get the hell out of the way.

    But I found the pedestrian and cyclist montage at 00:70, 02:13, 02:20, and 02:27 most shocking. I don’t give a rats ass if there’s a fricking blinking neon sign that states Retarded Children Cross Here So Slow The Fuck Down… … … when I cross the street I look both fucking ways. Twice. Props to US public Kindergarten education.

    I learned to peel a potato, recite my address, sing Three Blind Mice, and to Look Both Fucking Ways before putting my soft, squishy blob of a body in front of a bullet on wheels.

    Rant over. For now. Need to piss and get more alcohol. In that order.

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