Group of Bikers on Weekend Getaway Collides with Truck in Philippines, Four Die

Crotch Destroyed, Broken Femur Sticks Out

Group of Bikers on Weekend Getaway Collides with Truck in Philippines, Four Die

This happened in Paniqui, Tarlac, the Philippines on April 10, 2019, where there was an collision between a truck with a group of bikers. Four bikers died on the spot with a bunch more seriously injured.

The story is that a 10 wheeler truck swerved into the oncoming lane, ramming the bikers as they rode in the opposite direction. It was supposed to be a holiday getaway for the group, wherein they planned to visit Churches in the region for Easter.

The unconfirmed claim is the truck driver dosed off.

Props to Best Gore member @alienworm12 for the pics and video. The first minute and a half of the video is just the bikers riding. The footage then cuts into the aftermath of the accident. The moment of the crash is not on there. Skip to 1:33 to get past the riding:

Gallery of the pics:

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100 thoughts on “Group of Bikers on Weekend Getaway Collides with Truck in Philippines, Four Die”

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  1. If they only new in advance, they coulda sold tickets to that crowd and set up concession stands to make money for their next bike run.
    The real money maker though, would be the raffle to see who gets to light the trucker on fire.

    1. Ist it funny how its never a bestgore member filming these events though? Coincidence or conspiracy, hmmm.

      Anyways, jumping back to what you said, id hold a raffle if hindsight wasnt linear 🙁

  2. Bike riders in Philippines and the roads they ride on don’t seem to favor each other .
    The moment these four biked off the death also wasted no seconds and wheeled off from the opposite direction to hug them in a deathly embrace .
    And then the untoward happened as their weekend getaway never got realized to the spot where they wanted to be ,but in a morgue as dead corpse.
    Here is a caution: for the careless souls though ……….when biking think of another tomorrow and avoid going on a gay abandon trip to nowhere .
    Ride safe Ride slow

  3. These people, everyday they see people dying the same way. Yet they continue to ride their $500 piece of shit bikes on the filthy road. I show no sympathy.

  4. Filipinos are dumb by genetic. They born being already retarded cunts. Looks like grim reaper has lots of work in Phillipines, either the fuckers die from an accident, by suicide, from a bomb or from a gunfight.

  5. in the near end of video, it sounded like the videorecording man is about to vomit, when he couching.

    it almost like he smelled decompisition, but that was to early to decomposition i think. they just had died…

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