Group of Young Guys Crash Their Mercedes, All Die

Group of Young Guys Crash Their Mercedes, All Die

This video is from Tajikistan and I can tell you right now that any young punk from a country that was under the oppressive rule of Jewish communism for decades who drives a Mercedes did not buy it with money earned with honest hard work. These punks were probably some mafia affiliates, extortionists and racketeers who had enough money to bribe any policeman in the country which allowed them to drive impaired and speed to boot without having to worry about getting a ticket. But while humans experience pain and fear and are therefore controllable, trees are not. You can threaten a tree all you want that you cut it down if it doesn’t get off your path, it will not move a damn inch in the direction of your choice.

Thank God for trees. When young punks in gym wear who think they can have it all are taught an eternal lesson, the world becomes a better place.

There was a group of young punks in this Mercedes and all of them died. Driver took the heaviest blow and his skull is literally sliced open in half. There is no clear close up of it, but shots that did focus on his head show the destruction quite clearly.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. If you want to be a dumb-fuck, that’s your right.

          But knock it off with the name-calling. Seat belts often save lives during accidents. If you don’t want to give yourself that statistical-advantage, that’s your choice.

          But don’t attempt to force your poor-choice on the rest of us.

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  2. fuk those punks. rolling in a Benz. the only new car i’ve ever bought was an ’87 Pontiac Grand Prix, took me 5 yrs to pay off the loan and the car was CRAP and PROBLEMS from day one. don’t ask what i was thinking. i was young, dum, and full of cum. these punks are rolling in a Benz get no play with me.

  3. When I was in high school 3 of my class mates died in a car crash. 1 month before graduating. Our school was different….instead of different kids in every period…it was all us same kids. 14 of us. So closeere all very close. No drugs or drinkinwhats apart of the crash. Their car looked like this….but no one looked like that driver….so I always wondered how they were killed. Necks breaking?? Or what?

    1. “In a faaaaast, German caaaaaar. I’m amazed that I surviiiived, an Airbag saved my liiiife” Airbag from OK Computer. It’s a good song. Brought back some good memories there Hocks, well played sir!

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