Group of Young People Mowed Down by Drunk Driver – 6 Dead

Group of Young People Mowed Down by Drunk Driver - 6 Dead

Six young people – four men and two women, were killed after a drunk driver mowed down a dozen of them in the city of Sorocaba, 98 km from São Paulo, Brazil. The other six survived, but some with serious injuries that required hospitalization. At the beginning of the video you can see a guy who’s still alive, but his pelvis is broken.

The driver who ran them over was identified as 27 year old Fábio Hiroshi Attori. Police said his measured alcohol level was 0.63 milligrams of alcohol per liter of blood – I believe that translates into 0.63%, which is a toxic level for most people. He said he was returning from a party and dozed off behind the wheel.

The victims were between ages of 18 and 20 years old and were too returning from a party. They were crossing the road to get to a bus stop on the opposite side.

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    1. My brother got 3 DUI’s did 7 years in prison.shit when he got out he was worst of a person than before .plus an ex gf got drunk tried to out run a train in her car in the x-ing but never made it ,damn she was beautiful!!

          1. Texas prison i don’t know where .but if you’re in bexar county jail in san antonio tx you are sent afterwards to finsh out your time at TDC in the that’s where my brother went i think ..

    2. Not possible. Death occurs at around .25%. His reading translates to 0.063 g/L. This is not that high and would be a low to medium range DUI in most countries who ban driving above 0.05 g/ L. The murderous like fuck tard should certainly have had more control than this and possibly mixed alcohol with another drug??

      1. Yes, these figures aren’t what I was thinking. In the U.S. they use Blood Alcohol Content to fuck with your life. I went to hospital for a slashed wrist and my BAC was .48% and they said I should be dead from drinking, nevermind blood loss.

        1. @Tony – I worked at a hospital for over 20 yrs. we had several people come in with a high blood alcohol like yours. One Native American came in at over 53%. We would make bets sometimes on what level they’d have, haha! Anyhow, long term alcoholics can tolerate high alc levels without dying and it also depends on their overall health. The ones who came in with ethanol poisoning didn’t have much of a chance tho. Here when they get desperate they will drinking mouthwash, Lysol, pure vanilla (can be bought with welfare food cards) and all kinds of other mixtures.

      1. A lot of Italians look Spanish man. Dark skin/hair. Add some facial hair and a hat. And there’s no telling us apart. I get mistaken all the time as Spanish. By spanish/Mexican people themselve. Its all good thoe I know my roots. Now if you said I looked black ide be insulted.

  1. The demon drink, causes so much loss one way or another. Lost my career and my marriage through it. Lucky I never drove while drinking though but could have cost people their lives while working. So glad I sobered up before I killed somebody.

    1. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.
      I’d bet my left nut that the number mentioned doesn’t make sense because it is not converted into the same format we here in the states typically use to measure drunkenness

  2. Pedestrians are way to cocky for their own good. Never assume drivers are looking out for your safety. People are under some sort of illusion that others will not hurt you because it is wrong or it is illegal or against your rights. An idea will not protect you from reality. Don’t think that rules will protect you.

  3. Sorocaba Brazil its like 150 miles from where I live in the state of Sao Paulo.

    Another idiot who drink and turns himself and his car into a killing machine.

    Fukn japanese, he is probably in jail right now.


    Translation for the guy filming:

    “Oh my God this is fukn crazy,,,, OMG unbeliavable! What a tragedy this is…. Oh man…i cant believe it….”

    Yes me too, I would beat the hell out of that japanese idiot driver…. Fukn assshole

  4. Just did a quick research on google for Fabio Hiroshi Hattori and he will probably get from 1 to 4 years only in jail.

    He is currently free because the freeing payment was set up at 30.000 brazillian reais which is like $15.000,00 dollars.

    He could have taken from 10 to 20 years but his attorney managed to get the judge to set him free and he is awaiting the final trial to get from 1 to 4 years in jail.

    The judge spent the easter holidsy thinking and said that he agrreed that the cause of accident was because he slept behind the wheel and not because he was under alcoholic effect.

    What a JOKE

    Fukn justice always FAIL.

    That bastard should stay in jail forever!

    1. Corrupt judge was obviously paid off .

      Your country is a beautiful place geographically . Unfortunately , it is also full of corruption , which trickles down , ends up causing mayhem on the streets .

  5. 12 people where hit, 6 are dead, including 2 girls, and the other 6 are in critical state at hospital. All of them were young people, around 16-22 years.

    If you guys are interested check google for “amanda oliveira alquati sorocaba” and see her photo, how pretty she was and how her life was ended by a criminal.

  6. Ive spent time in Sorocaba , what a fucking dump. This is typical of Brazil i saw it all the time. You have the pleasure of being run down, cut up ,fucked up, and then a cunt soon after will come along saying things like ” Porra, Nossa” ( wow, shit) pretend to give a fuck and film you with his shitty cel phone without giving anyone medical attention.

  7. it pisses me off when i see people alive after a car accident and instead of trying to comfort them someone decides to film.. at least see if hes okay whilst getting some BG content on the sly, cant condone leaving someone in pain like that.

  8. Our Australian motto used to be “Drink and drive and you’re a bloody idiot” but now the government have changed it to “Drink and drive and you deserve it.” but it’s stupid because you think deserve what exactly?

  9. Without bail, F?bio Hiroshi would be forwarded, even last night, for the CDP (Provisional Detention Centre) in Sorocaba.

    All the injured were taken in serious condition to the Regional Hospital of Sorocaba. Until 22h, was not released a new medical report.

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