Gruesome Accident in Yala District, Thailand, Leaves Six Dead

Gruesome Accident in Yala District, Thailand, Leaves Six Dead

Gruesome accident occurred in the Yala District of Thailand involving an Isuzu, a pickup truck and a ravine. As far as I can understand, the two vehicles collided which resulted in the car sliding down the ravine and being crushed like empty soda can. I believe the pickup was on it’s way to market to sell produce. You can see an apple in one of the pics.

Look at that carnage. Instant death for three occupants, the other three died later at hospital as result of their injuries. The translation lists the victims…these guys had some funny fucking names.

Day 19 Sep When the time for about 1pm. Receive notification from the villagers that there is a pickup truck brands. Isuzu D license plate number, 5874, has turned upside down the gorge with all passengers 6 to 2 children died the an M2 from home in shoo, Tham through the application of the eye บ, Yala of the house and the police with a volunteer rescue, Tham through to check for support to the victim to the Quick Launch found that the point of a deep ravine several ten meters car pickup truck main interests turn down to the side of the vehicle condition of creases across the country and has the body of the deceased splashing from the vehicle access point out of the in the event of a. In addition, there is also the body is stuck in a number of the 3, help conveyor was up from the scene of a strenuous difficult due to the condition of a cliff and the abyss, for Death are:
1. (The, Red 5 years 8 month died in hospital than
2. Phimonwan Hoonthongkam Monday, Red 3 years 6 months died in hospital than
3. She was red age 58 years is the grandmother of a little girl of 2.
4 Death, Miss Wilai Phrom abrasive cleaning agents age 60 years of death.
5. น-thep 55 years of age who drove the car death
6 Ibhar also Wait For Menahem Ha, 35 years died in hospital บ,
before the event that all the death is traveling to the garden to try to pile in the village to try to pile of sales in the market, but between the entrance to the orchards car has lost to the streets and turn down many times until it is the reason for all the death.

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          1. I like to repair broken stuff… but apple products dont allow me to do that so easly. They break so quickly and they arent (mostly) repairable. They are only build to be used and trown to the garbage, thats why i hate them. 🙂

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