Guatemalan Motorcyclist Survives Crash with Messed Up Arm and Shoulder

Guatemalan Motorcyclist Survives Crash with Messed Up Arm and Shoulder

Guatemalan Motorcyclist Survives Crash with Messed Up Arm and Shoulder

On the road to the town of San José Pinula in Guatemala, a motorcyclist crashed and messed up his arm and shoulder. It kind of looks like his whole arm detached, and only stays in place thanks to the t-shirt.

Best Gore member @pain1349 explains:

The incident took place when the biker went to sell face masks in San José Pinula due to the coronavirus crisis wich is making a lot of people search for solutions to their economical problems due to the shitty economical policies of the government during the quarantine in Guatemala.

Many thanks for the video, @pain1349:

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45 thoughts on “Guatemalan Motorcyclist Survives Crash with Messed Up Arm and Shoulder”

  1. The Knicks suck. Don’t try to wash the shirt’s bloodstains out, amigo. Just toss it on the trash heap with any other Knick memorabilia you might have back at the casa…

  2. HIM: OHHHHHHHHHHH imma just gonna sit here feeling sorry for my self darrrr i am retarted just not even crying in pain im so mentally incappitated since i a nigger who doesnt know how to drive darrr…..
    ME: where the fuck is the medical personell and who the hell is that retarded dude saying”hello” over and over again i mean what the fuck GET HIM SOME HELP.Damn theese hopless savages they all need to be put down!

  3. Where I live (socal) there are mexicans in the parking lot of every business plaza selling facemasks. $5 for plain and $10 for customized. Lots of Lakers, Dodgers, and Raiders. They’re probably making good money.
    Now back to the video he should look on the bright side and pull off a good Shanks cosplay.

  4. In a Mercedes with Airbags this shit wouldnt Happen. But i feel sorry for this guy. Looks like he was in shock at the Moment the Video was shot and didnt felt much yet. Imagine the Pain when it kicked in. Horrible

    1. He also messed himself, if you look close you can see he pissed himself while sitting and probably shit his pants too. I once shit my pants during a dirtbike wreck, thank goodness my skinny jeans were stretchy.

  5. Damn, is he in pain or is he crying due to the realization he had fucked up his arm? I mean, I broke my femur as a kid and I wasn’t crying, I was in “shock” as they call it. So is this guy also in shock? I’m curious as to why he’s crying. I don’t really understand what being in shock IS, actually..

    1. He probably realizes he might not ride again and if you look close he pissed himself while sitting so there’s also likely a turd pressed into his tight jeans. I once wrecked my dirtbike and nearly got my throat sliced. By the time i regained my senses i was involuntarily pushing a huge firm shit into my grey skinny jeans.

        1. To be honest it actually didn’t feel bad at all and on the bright side I wasn’t constipated anymore. Thank goodness my skinny jeans were stretchy lmao! I was freaking out when it happened but when i think back on it i find it was hilarious. I had a lump the size of a softball in the back of my skin tight pants! It was certainly awkward walking into my house like that though.

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