Guy Distracted by Singing for Selfie Camera While Driving Crashes

Guy Distracted by Singing for Selfie Camera While Driving Crashes

Surprise – male drivers are as useless at driving while taking selfies as female drivers. Especially the gay looking ones with gay dance moves.

The guy in the video holds a smoke in one hand, cell phone camera in the other, and instead of paying attention to the road, looks at the camera in an apparent attempt to get internet fame singing.

According to the information I got, he killed himself crashing. If that’s true, then good riddance. Hopefully whatever he crashed into was not another car, so he’s the only one the world is rid off.

His facial hair looks sick though. If it’s real that is, cause it sure looks all kinds of fugazi.

Props to Best Gore member @Wallabeast for the video:

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129 thoughts on “Guy Distracted by Singing for Selfie Camera While Driving Crashes”

    1. Considering straights outnumber us gays about 10 to 1, I’d say it’s a fairly safe bet that straights killing themselves making just as ridiculous selfies also outnumber gay selfie deaths by about the same margin. Good riddance.

      1. How do we know he was driving? It seems just as plausible that he could’ve been a passenger in the front seat. Wouldn’t the steering wheel have had to have been on the right side of the car for him to be driving? There’s nothing in the video to suggest he was driving.

        His is the only perceptible live voice on the video, but that doesn’t mean he was driving. He could easily have been just a passenger. Shortly before impact he does make a glance to his left, and if he was a passenger, that would suggest he glanced toward his driver.

        Also, did anyone notice in the last few split seconds of the video, it appears there is part of a flame captured in the video? Towards the left side of the screen is what appears like a glowing flame for a scant few split seconds.

        1. “I saw the flame too.
          After a quick chuckle.
          He don’t look like the driver.
          I don’t have a hatred for gays.
          I just have a hatred for those guys.
          Yes THOSE GUYS.
          Who have gay beards and like gay music.
          Who were clearly brainwashed by the mainstream,
          Into being a flaming flamer,
          Or P whipped social justice warrior,
          Into listening to katy perry,
          Or any other gay mainstream singer,
          If you like Adele then I hate you.
          If he was here in the United States.
          He would certainly be one of those guys.
          A satisfying conclusion of him.”

          1. WTF??!!? Shit I’m a man and I love Adele! I would love to make love to her and make a beautiful baby with her. And trust me IDGAF if anybody hates me!

          1. Sorry guys, but he was driving. You just need to take into account the direction the other cars are going (you can see them through the window). The cars in the opposite track are going on the right lane (like in the UK).

            It’s that, or the video was switched because of the selfie-mode, in which case, the poor lad was NOT driving and it was NOT his fault whatsoever.

            I do however think the video may be fake. Hopefully.

        2. Hey @cincy, just a thought as well, I’ve seen a lot of videos that when recorded a certain way, when played back i.e. to us, the video is actually flipped backwards. So instead of what appears to be the man sitting in the passengers seat of a left-hand drive car, the image could very well be flipped and in reality, the man is sitting in the drivers seat of a right-hand drive car. Very unlikely that he’s driving a right-hand drive car, but just my point being that maybe the video isn’t showing the correct way. Apologies for I don’t know what the terminology is for what I’m trying to describe. I hope my thought it understood though.

          1. Also the flame and smoke is common in car accidents especially really bad ones where things catch on fire so I wouldn’t be surprised, with how violent that accident looked/sounded, including the tire squeal, I can see something catching on fire. Unfortunately I’ve been in a few accidents in my life a day and in a couple of them I’ve smoke just from airbags deploying but in others I’ve seen something start on fire for a second but to my lucky stars quickly go out. Just my experience there.

          2. I totally get that, that the video can possibly be reversed, making, in essence, a mirror image of reality.

            We all hate the media for throwing “news” out there before all the facts are known, and this is exactly what I see on sites like BG. We hate it when news outlets like CNN and FOX interject newsroom opinion and bias in to stories, yet this is exactly what we see on BG.

            Wouldn’t it have been better to upload the video with a heading such as “Guy is involved in accident while filming selfie” and let the reader decide whether he’s gay or not, and whether he’s driving?

  1. Between singing he says in Russian “Good Morning my … something something” most likely in reference to his social media followers. He’s sitting in passenger seat with no seatbelt (total Russian thing), there’s definitely a driver to his left. Street outside car’s window looks like Russia too.

    1. @kaidizzy If you’re referring to the noise after the accident that’s the noise tires make on the road during most accidents…basically the friction between the tires and road, like when people describe something as a ‘screeching halt’. That would be the sound for that description.

  2. I don’t know if we can count this faggot as a male driver, he was clearly effeminated, hence, he probably had a brain somewhere between male and female, although, I don’t know if he was really driving, maybe it was his boyfriend, in such a case what I said would still hold ground

  3. If this is the same guy in the news now, he’s a 20-year old foreigner named Onasi Olio-Rojas from Rhode Island, USA who was driving 114-mph and rammed into a garbage truck. Again, if him, he’s clinging to life, and the garbage truck driver was not hurt.

    1. Nope different person. The 20 yr old is actually from the US (shocked I know) and he was playing on his facebook live weaving into and out of traffic. For some reason God decided to spare his life and not this guy that really shouldn’t be doing anything and driving.

    1. You have a really good memory there shit! Now I wonder if the car crash was real at all. Still a great clip tho. I think I liked the girls’ singing better, especially the one on the right wearing the hanjab. She definitely got a mouth for nuts lol!! poor fag dude. Hope he didn’t kill anyone else making that voyeur dick lips shit. How selfish is it trying to achieve Internet fame at the expense of the safety of anyone who happens to be driving?People like this everywhere amongst the already 1 in 4 people supposedly driving intoxicated at any one time according to taxi driving safety. If I found myself in hell next to an idiot like this who just killed me while doing this shit I’d ask satan to put his lips on his asshole so he can eat shit for eternity. And satan would probably laugh and put my lips on his asshole so I can eat his shit instead, cause that Satan man, what a kidder! And it is hell afterall….

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