Guy with Dyed Hair Died in Motorcycle Accident

Guy with Dyed Hair Died in Motorcycle Accident

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that a guy who dyes his hair pink and wears pink t-shirt plays for the pink team.

By the looks of it, a gay couple riding a motorcycle crashed. Guy who rode wore a helmet and laced up footwear and survived. He’s tucked against the curb, probably hurting, but still conscious and moving. His passenger doesn’t appear to have worn a helmet but probably wore flip flops which traditionally departed upon the accident and died. The guy, not his flip flops.

Too bad they didn’t hit the Iphone guy on their way down.

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    1. “Sir are you ok?”
      “My groin hurts,but how is my boyfriend?”
      “He’s a hundred yards down the road sir…and incidentally he is’nt making half the fucking racket you are!”
      “Have you looked in his mouth?”

          1. Rip that robot dude from bladerunner =(
            he rode on the back decks of a blinker and watched c-beams glitter in the dark, near the Tanhauser Gate All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain

          1. Yup… puss for me as well but who’s not to say that colorfull ‘thing’ didn’t have one.

            Years ago I was at a club and chatted to this gorgeous chick for a couple of hours and then ‘it’ decided to tell me it had a dick.

      1. ๐Ÿ˜† …….. I have severe psoriasis and the next time someone asks me about it I’m gunna fuck with them and say it’s highly contagious and potentially lethal.

        I’ll hold my arm out to keep them at arms length just to add to the drama and then let them down easy ๐Ÿ˜†

          1. I agree Wicked, that is a good way! Spidey, you shoud have a friend sit next to you and film it. I bet the reactions would be priceless, and if you do enough of them, you could sell them to Just For Laughs! A Montreal Comedy Festival in Canada ๐Ÿ™‚

          2. I wanted to say something like that Dre but I didn’t sleep and I’m pissy drunk…..doesn’t help in at my drs office in the cold waiting for this bitch to open…fuck I’m bout throw the trash can though the double doors..hahaha!!

          3. Hey guys……..
            I reacted by saying It was cool talking to you but that’s it.

            Half an hour later I saw ‘it’ with a male victim leaving hand in hand ๐Ÿ˜†

            Could you imagine if I showed that sort of stuff in Canada ?

            Like Mark, I’d be harassed no end…….. Fuck that.

            You Mama are a tripper but take a breath and stay cool.

          4. I feel for you sweetheart! All these doc,s, your back pain, surgeries. Fuck-Man,,, i wish i could do something for your pain girl ๐Ÿ™ YOU are very strong-willed & should be because of it ๐Ÿ™‚

          5. omg I had the strangest dream about mmmarcus last night! I need my head checked…im having too many vivid dreams lately…im wigged out by it all…

            …anyone have a couch and a psychiatrist handy?????

          6. im thinking after that dream I need to be taking a trip to Edmonton…if you catch what I am throwing mr. dre…we are talking MEEEEOWWWW…..

  1. Hey kids, mmm interesting colour choice, but not for him I suppose. We just had our big mardi gras in Sydney last weekend. I don’t care if you all pay me out for saying this but fuck it was a good night, eh. Million people down the gay drag, Oxford street. You can’t help but have a good time. The lez-bi-anz walk around with their tits out and the dykes on bikes are always fun to see. But the thing is you know it’s so weird and a bit icky and that can make you feel uncomfortable yes, but the key is not minding that its uncomfortable. My brother is gay….but I couldn’t give a rats arse. He needs family like everyone else and it’s not weird or icky for him, so whats the problem?

  2. By the gay to the norms… this “dude” was the bottom here folks…notice the pretty shape to his eye brows..pretty pink hair..I bet he smelt awesome as well…with manicured nails…maybe even some shiny clear lip gloss in his skinny jeans…lolz

          1. [email protected]’s actually the work of a drink all night don’t sleep because you have to be up in an hr anyways night MINUS the pot..fiasco of a fucking night ran into now morning..I haven’t smoked in hrs…lolz I’m about to after I get water and pizza…I’ll behave better after this and a catnap…=/

  3. At 02:11 the guy said: “This one was still struggling, but stopped. He was not wearing helmet and flew away.”

    After five days of fucking carnival, Brazil is going to be again on the spotlight here at BestGore.

    Only here in my state the record of murders during this five hell’s days was in 73. And they say war is worst…

      1. Fortunattelly I am part of the minority here that can have a notion of where is safe and when is.

        So, even from all you see here in BG, viollence in Brazil is a thing that use to happen more where poverty is.

        Thanks by your concern!

  4. Blondie came from out in the jungle
    on a bike he was everybody’s darling
    a hussle here and a hussle there
    Pernambuco is the place where

    say hey babe, take a walk on the wild side…
    and the flip-flop choir went
    doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo

    1. Actually – by their accent – I suppose this happened in Bahhia.

      In this previous sentence almost all words have doubled letters, so I did the same with “Bahia” just to follow the pattern.

      English is a very exotic language.

  5. Mmmm, almost forgot….yeah hello to lady wicked and the you other guys for your welcomes in yesterday’s post on covert spies (crashing the BG party). So I reading the post and suddenly realised this was the perfect post and time, just as everyone was feeling a bit paranoid, to finally sign up and introduce myself as the new kid. But a bit of a anticlimax, no one thought I was anything more than just another goremeister sussing out all the horrific stuff we so called human beings ( aka FV) seem to do to each other when we think no one is looking, except for maybe a CCTV. Which in most cases only seems to serve a role as a big flasy neon sign saying “Fuck yeah, go for gold!!”

    1. As a man myself, I find it totally repugnant that a man would want to JIZZ in another man. What exactly is attractive about another mans anus? Nothing. There is something wrong with a man who doesn’t find women attractive. I mean, some women are irresistible.

      1. I totally agree. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you sink your cock into a warm wet pussy and the feeling of accomplishment you get when you shoot your load into a woman’s face.
        There’s no shit on my dick.

    1. just deal with it…you know Putin rocks your world when he has his shirt off!

      damn!! why cant Canada have a hunkoid like that! we are always missing out!

      ahh well back to the porn mags…

      1. you think so?? I don’t know….was trying to be super girlie with the curlers and whatnot and I think I came out looking titish…..but I thought I would throw it up as an avatar anyways….its good to show my titty side…

        btw thanks dre for the compliment ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. he looks like he is doing one of those tai chi positions….what is it ‘the crane’ or some shit like that? he has such flow throughout his hands….its like a gentle bird floating on a silk pillow…such a beautiful thing *gush*

    ok thank god the Olympics are over with…I think I od’d on Scott Hamilton’s coverage of the figure skatering….everything is moving me in very disturbing ways….

    …again…psychiatrist??? couch??? anyone?? anyone??

        1. It makes you really numb..and giggly Alicatt..I don’t really like it..I can’t tell if I’m breathing or swallowing…makes me have anxiety attacks..blaaaah…if you were around here I’d say come through for my early bday celebration…there will be plenty of… activities going on that night…lolz ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. I totally have feelings. I can’t change the fate of these people though. When/if I’m ever plastered on the threads in here, have a chuckle on my behalf. It won’t phase me any! In person, I’d do anything to help someone in need and in all honesty, I probably wouldn’t even think to video or snap pictures of someone in a bad place. I’d be more interested in helping them. People on the internet show you only what they want to. There’s no point in preaching feelings here. Everyone is free to express whatever they wish. If comments that seem mean and heartless offend you, then be forewarned that you’ll probably be offended a lot!

  7. i know the guy looked dead but still,the ambulance arrives and the emt guy who for some reason looks like a army general just walks out..looks around directs traffick and then goes and checks if the guy is alive ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. First time post, long time looking, thought i’de share a little poem…

    Tear out my guts,
    Smash in my brain,
    Claw out my heart,
    But don’t leave a stain.

    Slice me to shreds,
    Drown out my cries,
    Stab all my wounds,
    And watch as I die.

    Deepen your sin,
    For I know that grin,
    Now go load that gun,
    And drink my REDRUM.

      1. Thank’s, loving this site more than words could express. Have been looking for ages but only Signed up about a month ago, was a little hesitant to post… No longer a virgin now… Woo Hoo.

  9. Dos hoto’s moto nogo- logo; bese su culo`s adios?

    yeah i know pretty lame attempt @poetry en Espanol, But what more could thee expect from a gringo who is damn proud to be called a redneck farmer` & i fear no EVIL or any mortal man. so the term homo phobia is incorrect.
    & i do not hate fags! i just wish the flam-boy-ant ones could. a.) stay partway in the closet or their mothers bsmt.
    b.) move
    to a nice tolerant earthquake prone city like san fran seesco and take all the pedophile priests w/you, to pray for the next `BIG 1`
    to hit and you all could
    join together like 1 big long happy(`gay`)rainbow colored train all coupled dicksinassholes while you slide or better yet MARCH into the sea !

    p.s. all trains must have an engineer or a leader
    with the initials B.H.O.& who better to play the part of the caboose than a fat assed bull-dyke named hillary
    w/a strapon

    p.s.s. to: Emily, Jayma & Tori The Annual
    Les/bi Clothing Optional/topless Prfrd.
    Bonfire Bash – Bbq. Wknd. is july 18-20
    cum agin now ya hear !
    free B&B

  10. I was waiting for the ambulance to reverse onto the pink dead guy.

    Good they didn’t move the live guy under the bike, or remove his helmet, so the person looking after him before the ambulance came did the right thing.

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