Guy Gay-Dancing on Street Accidentally Films Biker Crashing Into Van

Guy Gay-Dancing on Street Accidentally Films Biker Crashing Into Van

Guy Gay-Dancing on Street Accidentally Films Biker Crashing Into Van

This looks like it happened somewhere in Africa. I don’t have any backinfo, so I’m just guessing.

It seems to be a video of a guy dancing on the street as if he liked cock up his ass. Meanwhile, a van U-turning in the background apparently cuts off a motorcyclist who crashes square into its side. Or maybe the biker simply has reflexes of a sloth.

The impact and the landing the biker’s limp body performs are quite poetic. You could almost listen to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake while watching the sequence.

Props to Best Gore member @kolmogorova for the video:

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147 thoughts on “Guy Gay-Dancing on Street Accidentally Films Biker Crashing Into Van”

          1. Yes I noticed that i wonder if the two of them were killed or just knocked unconcious.Neither was wearing crash helmets that may have helped them survive the impact.Going too fast and lack of concentration caused this accident, learnt their lesson the hard way.

          2. I wondered if anyone saw that. That’s the funniest part. Got killed and kept on going. Just like Energizer Bunny. Takes a lickin and keeps on …….ah……….dyin

      1. I’m 45 miles north of Detroit, and am happy to report the Hooga Boogaloos is still frozen over and I can skate at The Ponds and attend the Red Wings games free of harm. OK, so we already are eliminated from the playoffs – buzz off, Andre – I played in the beer leagues starting in the 60s and it’s all fun.

        When the sap starts running in the aboriginal territories 6-8 weeks from now, this is the shit the local TV stations will be avoiding. And do will I!!!

          1. In the kitchen business, we call it air fucking, which in certain times during dead moments, creates a lot of laughter. This however, made me rethink about air fucking, he is a pioneer of air fucking seizure dance moves… if only I had enough grit as this gentlemen, I’d be a YouTube star to. A dying star…

        1. Lol!
          I was M. Night shyamalan in a isolated village, with my retard brother who wanted to bang my blind girlfriend.
          What a twist!

          Actually are DMV is predominantly caucasian. We get a few darkies, but most of them are colin powell black… a face you can trust, sort of.

          1. Laugh typing…
            hehe!(cynical laughter)
            Haha!(acceptive laughter)
            Haa!ha!haaa!(sarcastic laughter)
            bwahaha! (maniacal laughter)
            Hahagaga! ( Really high on dabs, but also parched, but don’t care laughter)


            I tend to stare at thier crotch… please don’t be a stereotype, please don’t be a stereotype!
            “Are you okay?” Said colt blacksmith
            “…. uh, yes. Not looking at your crotch, just boning, er um zoning out”

          2. Still projecting your fantasies on others I see. So, has your buddy expedited your forum privileges through yet? No? Too fucking bad for you. LOL Welcome back ringmeat, you haven’t fooled anyone, except dre.

          3. I know! I thought the same thing when I re-read it. He’s not even aware of the shit he’s said the last few years. How convenient. Logan the Fuck wanted to have a tattle tale thread where he could report to Mark, you know, keep him abreast of malcontents. He was dead serious too…He had me in the number two slot in his bad members ‘list’. The fucking nerve of that guy!! If you’re not first, you’re last. Anyway…He didn’t last long; he thought he was on Facebook.

            Sorry Mellow man, I know you keep getting notifications from this thread of comments. 😉 Hahagaga.

  1. The irony is that the knocked down biker too was thrusting his boner
    to the saddle to that afro beat beside that single fella who was
    seen going musically mad shoving in to the void just for funk as if the dance ,and that not so mentionable crash ; to be filmed ,were all talked over first for fun sake , and no one is to blame either if that really happened for fuck sake as the mini van driver too couldn’t help doing boogaloo while taking a turn all because , the afro beats are infectious enough in making everyone go groovingly mad , whether someone is feeling blue or sitting in the loo , it makes you move , to get you caught in its groove

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    1. I was beginning to think, I was the only one who caught that.
      You can see the guy in the white impact & hit the ground then as the
      van turns you can see a guy in grey hanging 1/2 in & 1/2 the vans side window.
      Maybe the guy was already hanging out of the van from a prior incident. You never know these days in that part of the world.

  3. I wondered if anyone saw that. That’s the funniest part. Got killed and kept on going. Just like Energizer Bunny. Takes a lickin and keeps on …….ah……….dyin .
    I looked a few times and there was 3 ppl on that bike.

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