Guy Hanging Out of his Car with Spectacular Head Crush

Guy Hanging Out of his Car with Spectacular Head Crush

Some car accidents look almost like they are work of some movie special effects team. This one is one of them. The way the guy is hanging out of the car and the way his head is crushed and brain leak out is almost unrealistic. His brain is literally dripping out of his skull. His eyes are still open giving away an impression of staring at you and if you have a bit of imagination, you will see him smiling.

Not much info was provided with these photos. It looks like a high speed accident and the dude was not wearing a seatbelt which resulted in a head crush and hanging out of the car in a very spectacular way. Thanks to Angie for the pics.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  4. Just love it when someone not wearing a seat belt or a helmet gets what’s coming to them. The car isn’t badly damaged so this guy would probably have lived with only a few scratches if he had worn that belt… Justice served to the stupid.

  5. what the fuck was up WTFiswrongwithuall? what a little bitch. anyway, it kinda looks like his friend was video taping this and he’s looking into the camera like “oh my god! oh my god! is it bad? how bad is it?” lol

  6. The face reminds me of the bodies in ‘Outland’ when they spaced themselves – stretched and distorted before exploding. With his eyes open, his death is burned into his retinas. Looks like the truck rolled sideways over n over and he got tossed around inside n outside, possibly dragging or hitting the ground thru the window.

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