Guy in Rough Shape After Accident – Drenched in Blood and Both Legs Broken

Guy in Rough Shape After Accident - Drenched in Blood and Both Legs Broken

Video filmed by an Iphone owner shows a guy in pretty rough shape after an accident. You can see a guy in red t-shirt also recoding the aftermath, but he doesn’t have an Iphone so he holds the phone the right way.

The victim is literally drenched in blood and both his lower legs are broken. Both fractures are compound with bones partially sticking out.

The injuries were clearly a result of a traffic related accident, although I don’t have any detailed info on how it happened. Onlookers (mostly flip flops wearing) are helping the victim a bit – they put him on a flattened cardboard box so he doesn’t roll around in dirt, and are using more cardboard to block the sun so it doesn’t fry him.

Still, the guy is in a lot of pain and can’t lay still.

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      1. endorfin’s really kickin fast in these situations,iv’e been there, the only reason he moves his legs is because they are tangled and it’s a natural moving reflex, the real pain comes after a few days..

    1. Yeah, sounds like he’s in a country where it’s easier to amputate than fix and do physical therapy to walk again! Kind of looks like he was a pedestrian hit by a car going pretty fast, as that’s a typical kind of injury for this scenario…

      1. @ilovemygramps: I think you could be right with the pedestrian theory, as car bumper bars are at the same height as his fractures. The only thing I’m a bit confused about is that the compound fractures of his shins seem to have broken through the skin at the front of his lower legs. For that to happen surely he would have to have been hit by the car from behind. If he had been hit like that at a fair rate of speed from behind, surely he would have been mowed down by the car and literally run over? I don’t know if he would have survived that or he at least wouldn’t be conscious.

        Regardless of what happened to this poor fella, he is in a hell of hurt for the foreseeable future.

        If this happened in Brazil, he is probably quite lucky in that such a rich and rapidly advancing country will make the effort to stabilize those fractures with internal and external fixations and the physio will have him up and walking in two weeks. No doubt he will have suffered nerve damage and will require strong analgesics for a very long time, even years or forever. Chronic pain will become his new companion but these fractures aren’t as difficult to fix as it may seem and he will walk again ( most likely).

        Good luck to him for a rapid recovery…..

        1. Yeah, nerve damage and the pain that comes with it, isn’t nice at all. I’ve had peripheral neuropathy for 6 years now, take over 30 tablets a day and the pain is still there. Luckily i didn’t have an accident to get it, but its permanent all the same. Got 3 slipped discs now, so even more pain. I’m only 32 and im falling to bits.

          1. @LuLu- you have my greatest sympathy. I too suffer chronic pain, mine from severe scoliosis. After one botched surgery at the age of 20 and another to try to fix that at age 38, I now have a cage of titanium and screws holding my back together – from a couple inches from the bottom of my skull to just a few inches above the crack of my butt. (What a picture huh!) Anyhow, with my bottle of pills life goes on for now, even if the pills only help a little. How nice it would be to wake up one day pain free – we can always dream I guess. ; ). And be glad our heads have been run over by busses, trucks or trains!

        2. @Dutchy – I was wondering also why he didn’t appear run over as well as having the compound fractures. Perhaps he flew up over car hood and that’s why he’s also bloody on his upper torso and head. You’re right, a lot can be done to save his legs depending where this happened and how soon he was able to get to a good hospital. Does anyone know how paying for healthcare in Brazil (if this is Brazil) works? Private or public healthcare/insurance or pay as you go?

        3. Dutchy, yes, it was in Brazil… He was hit by a car, as the spectators said.

          And the guy is saying “I’m gonna die…. Oh my God I will die….”

          But I guess he made it as our SAMU is very competent.

          Also this was in Sao Paulo (Tamoios highway which connects Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro) and here in Sao Paulo we have the best medical treatment in the whole country.

          If that happened in the north, probably it would take longer for this guy to get the medical attention he needs.

          SAMU is like EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE ATTENDMENT which are the first guys who arrives at any tragic accident.

          It is a public service.

        1. Good to know. I never got a Manuel with this… Why?! Because I got it for free when a buddy upgraded. And I’ve never recorded a video with it before. So keep getting your panties in a wad because I’m a retard who’s never captured video not had a manual for said shit device. But ok!! Landscape is the proper way. Thanks Mouse!!

          1. Gotcha. I just wanted to be a punk to Spidey since he seems to like to blabber bullshit a lot these days. And I thought *I* was bad about that. ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  1. Off Topic………

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    1. oconsider all the people, planes and ships lost in the area known as “the bermuda triangle”, most of which no trace were ever found. the worlds oceans can be a great big nom-nom when they want to be

    2. The plane was only 209 feet long before the crash, after hitting the sea at 500 mph they will be lucky to find a piece bigger than 40 feet long, the 200 foot wingspan will be no more either and the black boxes ( which are not black) are less than a foot long. Considering all the ships that go down without a trace its no wonder they haven’t found it yet. Like looking for an intelligent drug dealer in Brazil,

      1. Lol intelligent dealer in brazil…yes the goddess of the sea is a whore. They’ll never find that plane or the flight data recorder that transmitter already ran out of battery power so no more pings. I think if they didn’t fuck up the first 2 weeks of searching they could have found something, also nobody look in my back yard that plane and the corpses are mine!

  2. ahh! I see cardboard again, the mainstay of any paramedic in flipflopistan! soaks up twice as much blood as sawdust or newspaper and can be used as a primative scoop for brain matter. laugh in the face of carnage when armed with cardboard!

  3. Shit ! Can watch most gory shit no fucks given. I always cringe when watching sports and see someone twist an ankle bad. Going to have to add double leg fractures to the list.

  4. Another tragic accident here in my beloved country.

    That guy was hit by a car, in a high traffic highway in Tamoios (Sao Paulo x Rio de Janeior highway)

    Probably the car didnt stop and left the poor guy alone, as the spectators claim he was hit by a car that didnt stop to help the victim.

  5. Looking at it almost seems as if a motorbike were involved. Those wounds look about foot peg height. Those leg fractures are identical twins. Fucking ouch!!

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