Guy Loses Control of Powerful Bike, Dies Despite Wearing Helmet

Guy Loses Control of Powerful Bike, Dies Despite Wearing Helmet

I believe the video is from Brazil. It depicts the aftermath of a fatal motorcycle crash.

According to the information I got, the biker was on a powerful bike and was riding at excessive speeds. He lost control and crashed, luckily hurting no one but himself.

The video shows him with one lower leg mangled, but both feet without footwear. Flip flops tend to have a bad aura about them, so even if you wear a safety helmet on your head, but flip flops on your feet, trouble could be just around the corner. Never mind speeding beyond what’s reasonably safe.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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53 thoughts on “Guy Loses Control of Powerful Bike, Dies Despite Wearing Helmet”

        1. That really doesn’t sound like a motorcycle running to me. It sounds more like a badly-out-of-tune old truck engine. As is so frequently the case in third world countries, no one makes any effort to stop or divert the flow of traffic around the deceased, so the traffic and noise simply rolls right on by.

      1. To ncopm……..not totally true, you got to put a few hundred bucks In a serious helmet……helmet are like anything else
        There are some shit one and some that’ll save your life
        But one more time everything is relative……
        Samo samo for boots …….

        1. But @phebus – he sunk all his $ into the best (?) helmet he could, and only had enough left over to buy a poor grade of flip-flops, thinking “Nope. Won’t happen to ME!” Wrong again, buddy. Besides – helmets can’t always save stupidity, which is one way of weeding out the idiots. Either that or running up the cost of medical intervention to save their sorry asses if they’re not DOA.

  1. Welcome home Mark. You don’t know me, but I’ve followed your plight along with so many others since July of 2013, when I joined this badass site, wondering what would become of Bestgore. Now I know. We are all still here. I’m glad the events since have turned out this way. Very much for the better. And I am sorry for all the turmoil you went through for the sake of us, this site, and youself to stand tall for your beliefs. Long live Vincit Omnia Veritas at Bestgore forevermore. My best regards to you good sir.

      1. Just continue to prosper here and elsewhere and stay forward bound. Your continued work here to keep it all alive would be all the thanks I’ll need from you man. Keep it real and moving onward.

    1. Fast metal sitting things? Now that’s FUNNY @slimey1987! I lol.
      So you’re saying I shouldn’t try & get my rocket propelled office chair patented? We were hoping to race them on the runways between flights. Some days you just need a little excitement to get the adrenaline flowing, and an excuse to get outta the office!

        1. Hmmm. Will definitely take your suggestion under consideration @brokeback, but I fear it will boost my power bill into the stratosphere lol. Our power companies usually contact the fuzz if there’s a radical increase in power consumption. It’s how they nail lots of grow ops! o_O

  2. Brazilans and their damn flip flops. Do they not sell biker boots in brazil? If they can afford a motorbike they can sure as shit afford a pair of boots… Assuming they even “bought” the bike that is.

  3. Speed merchants always had it this way and this ain’t no exception .
    speed thrilled but killed him .
    When in Brazil remember to be never around flip-flops cuz they are the harbinger of death .
    I wish those flip-flops were death cheaters only then Brazil would have been called a safe heaven and then I sure as hell would have gone there to lay some bootylicious chicks with big melons and drop dead curves

    1. Brazil has 27 states. All of the videos I’ve seen in this site show just one state (that represents just a tiny portion of brazil). Don’t think we live like this. I don’t wear fucking flip-flops; I’ve never seen people being killed in front of me.

  4. Looks like a gsxr. It’s body and mainly the rear tyre give it away. Most of the bikes in these places are little dinky standards and have a little dinky rear tyre. The lower fairing was intact and said Suzuki. Then the body is clearly a supersport and a rear tyre that big means it’s a full size one as well meaning it’s either a 600, 750, or 1000. Even the smallest one, the 600, is a rocket ship and its really hard to keep from going too fast bc it does it effortlessly. I had a gsxr 600 and 1000 and currently have Honda cbr 1000rr. Unfortunately these bikes attract douschbag’s who are reckless and dangerous for everyone else on the road too. Not all of us are like that tho so to wish ill will to all of us who ride bikes isn’t cool jackass

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