Guy Does Pointers As His Mangled by Train Leg Twitches

Guy Does Pointers As His Mangled by Train Leg Twitches

The video from undisclosed location shows a man with a leg ripped off. I don’t understand the language being spoken, but according to the source, the guy filming, asks the injured man on the ground: “What happened boy?” and the guy replies: “I was trying to kick a train, and then the train pulled me down and passed over my leg.

Maybe someone who can understand the language can confirm this brief conversation? Either way, the guy is a champion pointer and his leg twitches quite wonderfully. He could use a hug, me thinks, not an interrogation.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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75 thoughts on “Guy Does Pointers As His Mangled by Train Leg Twitches”

    1. Hopefully there was a mistake in the interpretation and there was a word missing where the guy may have been saying for example he was trying to kick ‘ball under/at’ the train….because if not, then he obviously deserved what he got then….for trying to kick a moving train. Fuckin idiot.

      Surprised he’s not bleeding out, don’t see a tourniquet. Maybe the train twisted his blood vessels closed lol or the heat from the wheels cauterized his veins to stop the bleeding lol.

  1. How on earth hasn’t he bled completely out from that severed leg artery? If someone can kill themselves by slashing their wrists and bleeding to death, I’d expect the same to be true of slashing a main leg artery.

    Maybe the person with the camera just happened to come along seconds after the debacle, before the kid had a chance to bleed out.

  2. Aww! Obviously I do not know this guy; but I feel really bad for him.
    He seems so young, and now for the rest of his life he’ll find a lot of stuff very hard to do. He’s got to keep it together and try not to sink into depression.
    A friend of mine crushed his hip in a car crash. Operations to replace his hip were tried but his body kept rejecting the replacement hip. Two years on he took his own life. He did leave a note apologizing to everyone and clearly stated that he felt life was no longer worth living.
    (We all miss you Paul, RIP my friend!)

  3. Must have lost his hand trying to pull the leg out from the train. He is so incredibly calm for such a horrific event. But due to the fact he caused it from his own pure stupidity, he ain’t getting too much “oh I feel bad for him” from me. Terrible?… yes, but completely avoidable?… also a yes…

    1. I think it depends on how quickly you go into shock. Sock slows down your pulse and diverts blood supply away from the limbs and into the vital organs. This guy looks pretty pale, maybe because he’s already half bled out or because he might have gone into shock which might have saved him.

  4. This moron had to undersestimate the power of trains? If no cars or bikes or trucks can even stop a train, why would he think that his leg would be an exception?… 😆

    This is in Brazil again… 😀 who’s surprised? The kid is 16 years old.

    1. Well, some people get their kicks on risky stuff, seems he was trying to do some Le Parkour manoeuvre with the train and got out badly. I’ve seen today that a bungee jumper here in the state of Sao Paulo died after the rubber cord snapped, after he jumped from a bridge. Now, I also get kicks from adrenaline and have done some minor shit, but my brain is too survival centered as to stop me from doing this sort of major shit, at least so far.

  5. Conversation:
    – Juliano Campos Correia
    – What were you doing there, Juliano?
    – I was passing and I kicked the train, I really did, the train caught and threw my foot down
    – do you kicked the train and it threw his foot down?
    – Exactly, I was waiting for the train to pass, understand?
    – Fuck! Are you 16 years old?
    – Truth
    – Okay, the rescue is coming, stay calm, okay?
    – your leg is ugly
    – damn, brother is hurting too much (I didn’t understand the rest)
    – You’re being tough as hell, brother.
    – I don’t believe it, what was I doing?

    1. No.. he really did just kick the train. The other guy sounds amazed at the stupidity.

      “Juliano Campos Correio”
      “What were you doing there Juliano?”
      “I was crossing.. kicked the train.. caught and pulled my foot right under it”
      “You went to kick the train, and it caught your foot??”
      “Right, I was waiting for the train to pass, you see?”
      “Fuck man. You are 16?”
      “It’s true”
      “Right. Well help is on the way, emergency was called so just hang on.. That really went wrong, didn’t it?”
      “Fuck man, it’s hurting too much.. like.. all.. damn.. like..”
      “Yeah it looks like shit.”
      “Damn you won’t believe how much it’s …”

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