Guy Run Over Trying to Get Free Ride on a Bus in Bogotá, Colombia

Guy Run Over Trying to Get Free Ride on a Bus in Bogotá, Colombia

Best Gore member ColombianBastard supplied these photos of a guy who had his head run over and crushed by a bus after trying to get a free ride:

This happened on April the 26th. A guy tried to sneak in the bus without paying the fare. The bus was one of the public transport system in Bogotá, Colombia called Transmilenio.

Pubic transport in Colombia, specially in Bogotá is very expensive. That’s why people always try to
get in without paying.

Judging by the photos, the passengers on the bus probably heard the skull pop…

Thanks a lot ColombianBastard for the pics and info:

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  1. Should’ve bought flip-flops instead of those fancy shoes… might’ve had money for the bus fare. Instead he had to try to sneak in… from the bottom of the bus?? This guy’s just different all around.

  2. I don’t understand how trying to get a free ride got him killed? Surely he was trying to get on the bus through a door because from the photo you can see the windows don’t open. So, don’t paying customers also use the door?

    I’m a bit worried about this because I also never pay for public transport…I hate it and I don’t think you should have to pay for things that you hate. Mostly it’s trains and I just look like I am butt fucking someone as I closely follow them through the little gates that open as (other) people insert their ticket. Sometimes also the bus….the bus drivers are the most apathetic people in the world, don’t care if you don’t pay…they still have to drive the bus regardless. The only public transport that is hard to scam is the cross harbour ferries…those maritime workers are pit bulls. I think it is because catching a ferry across a beautiful harbour, in the sunshine getting a tan is really fucking enjoyable, even if you are on the way to work. And everyone knows that is absolutely fucking strictly forbidden to enjoy yourself if you haven’t paid your God damn way!

    What am I missing?

    1. I got a bus a while back . Fuck me , I almost dropped when the driver said how much it was . I turned to him and said I wanted to go local not the other end of the country for fucks sake . 🙂

  3. did he fall off from inside the bus or was he riding on the roof ? Or even better was he riding his skate and holding on to the bumper and passing by the local gym and wave to all the girls like in that famous back to the future film?:D

    May he rest in peace.

  4. Cash probably goes in there to somewhere. Oh well nothing new is ever really written it just gets rearranged and played around with. I say ass you say arse I say tomato you say, well you get the point. When I type arse spellcheck punishes me.

  5. Transport in Bogot? is not expensive compared with other countries. A bus ride costs around 0,7USD, regardless of distance or time. However, the minimum wage is less than 300USD/month for 2015. But the main reason to get a free ride is the common latinamerican thinking of getting advantage of any weakness, which comes from the natives facing the Spaniards during colonial times.

  6. The system works like this: The buses run on lanes in the middle of the road and stations are placed between inbound and outbound roads. The bus arrives to the station, open its doors and the station automatic doors open to drop/pick up passengers. These doors are about 1,2m above ground.

    When people want a free ride, they have to cross the regular car lanes and the bus lanes. Then climb onto a platform to reach the station automatic doors, which can be forced open easily.

    People get ran over by buses by not being aware of buses coming, which can be running at 60 kmh on their exclusive lanes.

    So, is it easy to get a cheap stupid death? Yes, it is.

  7. I’m a bit worried, because some days I don’t bother paying for public transport, mainly trains.
    I just vault over the barriers, I’m so athletic.

    But I haven’t got run over by a train or bus yet, so there!

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