Guy Trying to Help Homeless Man Gets Killed by Train in Frankfurt am Main

Guy Trying to Help Homeless Man Gets Killed by Train in Frankfurt am Main

Guy Trying to Help Homeless Man Gets Killed by Train in Frankfurt am Main

In Frankfurt am Main, Germany, on the S-Bahn rail line, a 17 year old tried to save a homeless man and died being halved by train in the process. It reminded me of this classic.

The video shows the would be Good Samaritan crushed between the train and the platform, as passers-by try to be of assistance.

Props to Best Gore member @teeny-hunter for the video:

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108 thoughts on “Guy Trying to Help Homeless Man Gets Killed by Train in Frankfurt am Main”

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  2. Good lad… but so fuckin stupid. A perfect example of being too nice for your own good. Now anyone who might’ve given a shit about him will be grieving because he decided to throw his life away for some random bum who probably ended up on the tracks in the first place because he used the money he begged from other stupid people to get drunk instead of buying himself some food.

    1. @Jack, so true.
      Kid was just some do-gooder fool. If he had sweet fuck all, like a normal person, he would have had his whole life ahead of him.

      Never risk your life to save another person’s, unless you are really prepared to lose your own. This is not a hero’s world.

      1. On the bright side now that bum can take a real good look at this poor bastard, he was likely the bigger idiot. Or if he didn’t survive then it’s one less drunken hobo fucking around on the train tracks.

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