Hardest Motorcycle Crash Ever

Hardest Motorcycle Crash Ever

If you’re riding a motorcycle and run into something with so much force your helmet splits in half and intestines come out of your rectum, then you’ve just surpassed epic with divine. This has got to be one of the hardest motorcycle crashes I’ve ever seen, though quality and suitability of the safety helmet this biker was wearing is disputable. Some of the helmets they sell in SE Asia look like motorcycle helmets, but their safety ratings are non existent.

Those who have visited Indonesia, or any other South East Asian country for that manner (except from Singapore and Brunei) would have had their run with bikers who ride like the whole world needs to get out of their way cause they’re coming. Pieces of shit have this fate coming to them and it’s just. They oppress absolutely everyone on the road and never slow down or give way to pedestrians. With this guy’s brain smeared on the road, we can safely assume that an innocent life or two will have been spared.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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42 thoughts on “Hardest Motorcycle Crash Ever”

  1. He’s ready to be turned into sausages.

    The bikes themselves in countries like Thailand or Philippines are crap. Cheap copies of our models. Sometimes they just stop responding, and since quality control is an unknown concept there, it means whoever is driving them is dead.

        1. where the hell did Chancho claim to be American? he lives in Brazil or somewhere in South America though i have a feeling he goes back and forth from both continents but he has NO love for America

          1. I find it humorous how people on here assume they know where someone is from based on their name and knowledge of some customs. I was the first person to get in chancho’s hair after he started posting on here, but what some of you do is laughable. I’ve never met with chancho, never spoken with him in private, never had any contact with him but can see how he’s laughing at you jumping to wrong conclusions about him.

            The fact that he has a Latino sounding nick name and knowledge of Latino countries could mean that he’s from Latin America, but it could also mean that he’s from Switzerland and is well travelled and more sophisticated than all of you together. You don’t know where he’s from, where he came from, what he’s been through, you’re just guessing while he’s playing with you.

          1. BulltacoMontesaYamasukasaki. Italians roll meat into lil balls, Black people favor chicken, Mexicans eat alot of beans and rice. Asians like fish and noodles. Mabey Concho is an American Indian? But when we get hit hard enough, our brains can come out our asses. Now that is amazing.

  2. this is messed up.
    driving a motorcycle is a high risk even in low abiding, safe roads having countries.
    but riding it in a country like Indonesia is a suicide.

    tho it is amazing to see someone actually shit his intestines.

  3. OMG, his intestines came out of his rectum and through his underwear! Here in the U.S., we do have quality control and prosecute counterfeiters, and yet product liability lawsuits are filed by the dozens. I’m going to assume that in SE Asia, there are virtually no policing the highways. Here, anybody speeding on a highway would be stopped and ticketed, and if he or she had been drinking, they would be jailed and everything that goes with a DUI. BTW, to this day, bikers are still bitching about the helmet laws. I guess they think that it looks uncool to ride a Harley and wear a geeky looking helmet.

  4. “If you’re riding a motorcycle and run into something with so much force your helmet splits in half and intestines come out of your rectum, then you’ve just surpassed epic with divine.”~ Couldn’t of said it better myself Lol

  5. This is life in their country. No money to buy a car. They have to use motorcycles, bicycles, animals, etc. They drive like their hair is on fire. Wonder why things like this happen. Life is not so special when you are hungry and poor.

  6. Well, the good news here is he probably didn’t feel a thing. The bad news is Goodwill won’t take those damaged jeans. That Cracker Jack helmet wouldn’t have saved a mouse’s life. I ride, and I do so without a helmet. If I end up smashed on the road, I hope one of you will post it on this badass website 🙂

  7. Reality check… if you think you could ever get that 50cc piece of shit going fast enough to shread your helmet and send your organs out of your ass your sadly mistaken. Not to mention the front forks are straight as an arrow… these asian daredevils tend to find their way under the wheels of big ass trucks. I’m thinking more of a squish rather then an impact.

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