Head Crushed by Bus, Creepy Eye Survives – Brazil

Head Crushed by Bus, Creepy Eye Survives - Brazil

You see that hammer head next to the creepy eye? Along with that bright yellow ruler thingy they make the man look like some kind of roadside worker doing some kind of roadside work. No info on how the bus managed to run him over and crush his head like that, but my guess is it was the driver’s fault. The driver may have lost control over the bus due to an attempt to dodge something or maybe unexpectedly dosed off?

Anyway – it’s a total head crush yet that creepy eye survived it unharmed. I like how that ruler thingy (what is that yellow thing?) took the shape of the arm it rested on when it was run over – kind of like you see in the Tom and Jerry cartoons when someone get’s smacked over their head with a steel rod and the rod deforms to the shape of the head it struck.

The accident took place in Brazil. Props to drccoco for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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42 thoughts on “Head Crushed by Bus, Creepy Eye Survives – Brazil”

  1. Just gos to show you that no job is a safe job in Brazil. It looks to me like the bus hit something else other than that poor guy judging for all the glass and a window frame on the road. Possibly a car that we cannot see in the pictures.

    Keep up the rad work @drccoco, you rock when it comes to total carnage and death. If you keep this up we here at Best Gore might have to start calling you Dr. Death.

    1. Aw did you draw a picture of me? No it was drunken whining and my email address for anyone who wanted to email. Them I came out of my blackout. Realized what I had done and posted don’t post this. But you got my nose all wrong haha

      1. the idea was to make it look as evil as possible, and i was mildly drunk and somewhat depressed, just back from some brazilian-whore-infested after office crap…5 years ago you would just be able to pick up ‘normal’ chicks in that kind of places but well, Tulio’s disembarking in VA in september so fuck banana republic

  2. this guys mother totally AGREED to allow him to play in the road as a kid.

    hay dude YOU GOT FUCKED UP lol

    bus driver was like WTF is that speed bump doing in the road? he gets out to check what had happened and low and be hold that wasn’t just any speed bump it was a human SPEED BUMP hahahaha

  3. I LOVED Tom and Jerry! If you were a little kid in the 60’s and 70’s THAT was original violence and gore! Thanks for the flashback Mark, wouldn’t have pegged you for that age bracket….

  4. Razerblade_Grin, I wrote something for you on page 2 under Infected self harmer pics posting. Look for it in the reply I sent to Highriser and start by reading my reply.
    Hope you like it…and this is private so nobody else read it.

    1. Nothing is private in Best Gore, not even death.
      BTW, who can be surprised by these strange swerwing tire tracks? The reason is clear: if the driver didn’t this weird manouver he would’ve missed his target.

    1. Good for you @stitch, using best gore as a teaching tool for your kid! I had said in a previous post this is a good site for an adult to explain and teach kids about what really happens out there in real REAL LIFE and to be on the lookout and be careful at all times, cheers to you!

        1. I think a better thing is: do not have multiples of kids- i.e. 5-6 children at this point. Nature serves the best and we are it, we just need to make sure we’re not dumb enough to waste it all. People should be ‘stewards’ of nature- we have the power to improve and spread the lushness of nature, build up instead of out, use better fuels, etc. The human race isn’t a virus if it’s not making Indians cry about trash heaps. Most people just need to realize a Plan B/alternatives are need — unless they really want to count on Jesus or aliens coming in the next decade.

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