Head in Motorcycle Helmet Flattened by Bus Stopped on It

Head in Motorcycle Helmet Flattened by Bus Stopped on It

Head in Motorcycle Helmet Flattened by Bus Stopped on It

Signage on the side of the bus suggests that this happened in the Sao Paolo region of Brazil. The video shows an aftermath of a fatal collision between a bus and a presumed motorcyclist.

The bus is stopped, and under its front wheel is a head inside what looks like a motorcycle helmet. The head and the helmet are flattened, as is portion of the victim’s chest. The weight of the bus was beyond the capabilities of the plastic piece of shit pretending to be a protective wear piece.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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83 thoughts on “Head in Motorcycle Helmet Flattened by Bus Stopped on It”

    1. @sKeleT0r
      Lol, thread dept on the tires, lol.
      But why the fuck is the Bus still standing on the head???
      It’s not like if the Bus Moved then it could make an Artery in his neck, or head rupture, and as a result It would have him bleed-out, & he’d die within minutes. The Fuckers Already Dead Man,,, DEAD! 😉
      So get off his fucken-head will ya?? Cause i’m getting a fucking migraine just looking at it.

      And @sKeleT0r & @Clowny
      You Guys Have a Nice Christmas and Happy New-Years my good B G Brothers. 🙂

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        So Corpus Christi to you .. Anyway, stop being anti-septic !


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            My first GF was Catholic, so I started to attend Mass.
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            And yet ….

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  1. There’s inconsiderate parking, and then there’s this.

    The bus driver was obviously desperate for a piss, so he parked the damn bus wherever he could. I feel sorry for him, because some people might criticize him for this. However, I know from my own experience that as you get older you need to piss more frequently, and sometimes the urge just comes over you suddenly. And we all know that when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. As for the motorcyclist, well, who cares? I’m more concerned about the bus driver. Did he make it to the toilet without wetting himself?

  2. Imagine the tire inching up your crotch thinking no my nuts, to your trunk and just like fuck the darkness, now the thing inched up turning your head your conscious it came to rest your really dead as it must have seemed 6 months for the helmet give and sweet angelic music, rainbow of colors and instant transport to a alternate universe. -951-

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