Head-On Collision Between Scooter and Truck – Literally HEAD-ON

This Scooter Rider Took On the Truck Head On - Literally

It’s an undisputable fact that helmets save lives. While they are mandatory in many countries, there are still places where motorcycles are prevalent and traffic congested yet people continue riding without them. The results are splattered skulls with brain leakages.

I have been to Cambodia which is where these pictures could be from. Or maybe Thailand. I’m quite sure it’s in South East Asia but I could be wrong. One of the pictures clearly shows where the scooter rider hit the truck with his head. That was the moment of his death. In the top picture you can see part of the skull from his forehead hanging loose by a piece of skin. Had he worn a helmet, his head wouldn’t splatter like this. He quite possibly could have survived the collision if he wore a helmet. It’s the “head on” ramming of the truck with his helmetless head that turned him off in an instant. Brutal!

Gallery of the brain splatter pics resulting from a “head on” collision between a scooter and a truck is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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25 thoughts on “Head-On Collision Between Scooter and Truck – Literally HEAD-ON”

  1. I can’t tell where this happened either. Pics aren’t high enough Res. and photos were cropped too narrowly to pick up any hints in background.

    I guess somewhere in Southeast Asia is as close as one can get, (probably).

    I tried to compare the license plate on the scooter to images from scooters in various countries… couldn’t find any exact matches as to format, although found one in Saigon that was fairly close.

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