Head-on Crash Leads to a Lot Of Hugging

Head-on Crash Leads to a Lot Of Hugging

Caught on dashcam in Ukraine – car with the dashcam tries to dodge an oncoming vehicle that appears to drive down its lane but both cars dodge to the same side and crash head on. With their front windshield busted out, the couple from the other car steps out and proceeds to hug each other. Considering that immediately after the crash the girl raised her head from the guy’s lap, you’d almost think she was blowing him, but she was probably knocked down there by the crash.

Both the accident and the reactions are pretty peculiar. Props to Best Gore member kac for the video:

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40 thoughts on “Head-on Crash Leads to a Lot Of Hugging”

  1. The driver with the dashcam was stupid, she was on the right lane, and she moved into the wrong lane. She moved left when she should move a bit more right.
    The other driver was just moving to his correct side.

    1. OK one thing to consider maybe. I agree, moving into the oncoming lane may not be your best bet but when the red, oncoming car fist appears, it was in the wrong lane.

      It was so on the other lane that it almost looked like a suicide attempt.

      I assume that the driver of the dashcam vehicle most likely didn’t want to trash the car with those huge pot holes on the right shoulder and decided to go all the way to the left.

      Still amazing to see how both vehicles just attracted each other like magnets.

      They should have just stopped and discussed who goes where first…

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  2. I chose to believe that they care about each other. They were so thankful that neither of them were seriously injured, that’s why they were hugging. That plus, close brushes with death tend to make you want some.

    1. My husband would have done the same thing and then some. I would propably have had to tell him to calm down and lighten up. But thats all good cause i know he loves me and thats why he would have acted that way. Then he would have KICKED SOMEONES ASS. It’s all good.

  3. What in hell did I just witness???That has got to be the oddest reaction to a crash that I ever seen! What the hell was he doing near the end,when he got something out of the back and brought it around to the girls side and then he looked like he was standing on it, saying something(I have no clue what),and then got back down???

    Very ODD indeed!!!

  4. Don’t get me started about woman drivers, but I blame the man in this one, he was doing something he souldn’t be ( use your imaginations) that we couldn’t see and that caused her to swerve and crash.

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