Head on a Curb Thai Fatality is Perfect for Pointers

Head on a Curb Thai Fatality is Perfect for Pointers

This happened on Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya, Thailand. Yes, it’s the same Pattaya where more foreigners are killed each year than in the rest of the world combined. More foreigners also get raped in Pattaya than anywhere else in the world although towns in neighboring Cambodia, specifically Sihanoukville don’t lag behind too much. Pattaya is the largest whore town in the world.

The accident happened on January 14, 2013 at 10:30pm. The unidentified man was struck by a pickup truck and dragged for more than a 100 meters. The driver never as little as slowed down (it’s Thailand). The beat up corpse landed with its head against a curb – perfect set up for the emergency response team to do the pointers while posing with the corpse for family album photos.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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23 thoughts on “Head on a Curb Thai Fatality is Perfect for Pointers”

  1. This is old news but the family of Nikki Catsouras “Porsche Girl” was able to settle with the California High Patrol for 2.375 million dollars as a result of the infamous leaked pictures…
    If there would have been some of these grossly unprofessional retards pointing like they are in these pictures,the family would have probably gotten 5 times as much.

  2. Ah, Sukhumvit road, 11th street is the best. Got my dick sucked by a ladyboy in one of the nightclubs there. Not a Thai ladyboy though, a Phillapina on vacation there with her sister (Thai and Phillapina ladyboys are neck to neck when it comes to looking like a genuine woman) Came on the toilet seat for the next drunk German who was waiting in line to sit and shit on. You know, they got that same thing like the Dehli-Belly, but it’s in Thailand so lava like shit streams out the ass.

  3. I haven’t seen enough of my own country to warrant going to another one for vacation. But… Even if I ever do get tired of traveling around the States, then there’s a looong list of other places in the world that I’d like to visit before I even considered a dump like Thailand.

    As for the guy in the pictures… The driver of the truck that hit him was probably late for his next kidnap / rape job. No time to stop when you’re trying to ‘make a living’!

  4. From: Dangers in Thailand:
    There is no shortage of tourists who are clueless about the dangers which they could get themselves into at any time in Thailand and how a seemingly placid Thai person who is smiling all the time, can just explode into a violent rage over the smallest things. The violent attacks against tourists in Thailand are actually quite common and anyone who tells you otherwise is either clueless, or doing this because they are affiliated with the tourism industry and are afraid of a drop in tourist numbers.
    Because the crimes in Thailand don’t get reported around the world, the majority of tourists who come to Thailand will let their guard down and be complacent and this is one of the factors why some tourists end up as another statistic.

    Lets be clear, Thailand is certainly not the most dangerous tourist destination in the world, but it isn’t the safest either and if you wouldn’t go walking around late at night by yourself in your own town or city, then it would be naive to think that you can do it everywhere in Thailand too. Sure, there are certain places in Thailand where you can get around all night without any troubles and even places in the most popular areas where you will be relatively safe if you behave, but danger can always be around the corner and you need to have your wits about you to stay safe.
    An example of how you could find yourself in trouble is, you go for a late night stroll by yourself down along Pattaya Beach Road and you get mugged. Any expat who lives in Pattaya will tell you that it’s dangerous to walk along this stretch of road late at night by yourself, but if you were a first time tourist, you wouldn’t have a clue about the dangers of this road.

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