Head Turned Into Smashed Melon by Truck

Head Turned Into Smashed Melon by Truck

As you would expect, these photos are from Brazil. A typical head meets truck encounter which resulted in a quality smashed melon impersonation.

The victim was a 50 year old male identified only by his nickname of Cenoura (Carrot). Cenoura was reportedly drunk when he was pacing his way down a street in Mandaguacu. Witness testified that she observed the man barely standing on his two feet swinging from side to side trying to make way down the street. A truck showed up, slowly crossing the intersection but as it was just next to Cenoura, the man stumbled and fell under its second set of wheels.

The witness also said she screamed at the truck driver after she noticed the drunken man had fallen under the trailer but the driver did not hear and continued on. During an interrogation with the police the driver said he didn’t feel guilt for he hadn’t broken any traffic laws and had no means of responding to someone diving under his trailer while it was in motion.

Props to Best Gore member drccoco for the pics:

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          1. @spidey
            I sell a lot of stuff to australians visiting the US because its like half prive here! Crazy shit!
            AU is beautiful though. Id love to visit.

  1. I’ve woken up a few times after a night of drunken debauchery wishing a truck had ran over my head, The truck driver being aware of this fact showed mercy by continuing over the drunken man’s head, if he is guilty of any crime it is the crime of caring a little bit too much.

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