Head Split in Accident, Skull Emptied of Contents

Head Split in Accident, Skull Emptied of Contents

Some damn fine brutality here in the form of a Thai who took a spill off of his motorcycle and in turn spilled his fucking brain out onto the road, almost whole by the look of it. The rain-wet road is laced with the red warmth of the blood flow from the skull. Face got punched-in, too. Looks kind of like if you punched a muppet in the face or something. I also like the shot of the paramedic lifting the brain off the ground surrounded by people, looks almost biblical. Nothing in the way of backstory but a very respectable skull ejaculation all the same.

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      1. Ha,ha @Stomper.
        Don’t think a helmet would’ve spared him! That’s one massive impact, kind of like hitting a hazelnut with a hammer.

        As to the afterlife? Let’s hope we don’t look the same as we left this life. (does that make sense? I’m not sure myself)

        1. @bobcat.
          True enough, he would have needed a kevlar lined reinforced super duper helmet to withstand that head crack.

          You mean you hope we might revert back to a younger version of ourselves ?. Who knows mate, but it would be pretty crap to wonder round the next plain as an old man I suppose.

          1. @Stomper.
            Woods rum! I love it, ununfortunately the love is unrequited, drink half a bottle of that and it’s on a par with some strong acid!

            Few beers and cider for me, wrecked a Christmas once due to spirits, oh! And strong painkillers, had a broken hand lost the plot.
            Did go round and personally apologise to all involved.

          2. Ah man, cuz, you guys gonna make me call my sponsor, the chain reaction is a massive crisis. But a shot of whiskey is how I knew it was winter time and a tequila blanco to making another year like a madman. -951-

      1. I love my Grey goose. One bottle is my limit. but then the wife brings out the a?ejo and she calls me a pussy if I don’t drink that with her. Then next day when we’re half way sober and hung over, she calls me a drunk can’t win with women!!

        1. Glenmorangie is the business but too darn expensive to be supping in one night. So I go for Glenfiddich …. neat or on the rocks … love it, but it bites back in the morning. Hair of the dog does sort the head out mind you, and is a fine excuse to get blasted again. 😉

          1. My Irish-German roots help a lot when I’m bout to get plastered. Not braggin, but I once drank a whole bottle of Tres Generations premium tequila,1942. When I had killed that one, I went and drank a half bottle of Cuervo, reserva por la familia. This is not the same as the world famous Cuervo gold which we all got fucked up on, woke up at 3 the next day with a 300 lb. fattie who still has her hand on your Dick and her breath smelling of cigarette Ashes and puke. You know the coyote

          2. I can drink more then my old lady. A bottle is usually my limit. smoke a joint to mellow me out. But whenever it goes past the one bottle rule, I blackout. and I’ve had those run ins with the coyote haha damn tequila makes people crazy!!!

          1. Those damn beer goggled strike again!! I’ve been there too. Usually it was because my goggles lied to me and some of those mutts looked good in their makeup as you’re getting that Bj. But the next day after you wake up and see what she looked like without makeup took her from a dime to a haypenny just like that

      1. @Tucker31 Meatloaf ? Sounds good But we will need 2 additional cuts of meat, all good meatloaf demands 3 types. So darling you suggested it, you have to go through the body bag to come up with 2 more cuts. By the way I like to wrap my meatloaf entirely in bacon so a fatter Thai or perhaps a tourist will be needed to provide the pork belly. 😉

      2. Is that an authentic AVI of you tucker?? If so, you are a fine looking female. I’d love to learn more about you and what makes you tick. You got the “IT”power all day, hopefully you can.explain what you want from me and what I wanna do to you

  1. It looks like he just got that brain fresh from the butcher shop. It doesn’t get much fresher than that. How much does brain go per pound in Thailand anyway? So is his personality hiding in that brain meat somewhere? We’re all a bunch of walking talking brain meat.

  2. Beautiful gory death. I hope I can go out like that, a rainy night with brains and hopefully guts out on display. Blood mixing with water and the lights providing a calming ambience. Im so at peace on a rainy night, I really wouldnt mind going out like that.

  3. How cool a brain, it crazy how what he is holding in his hands is an organ that stores in itself a conscience experience , it fascinates me that our mind or our intelligence resides in the brain, a substance inside our cranium. So much research and we still don’t know much about it. Hahah it trips me out when I think into it how the mind is just like an abstract term to describe what the brain does. When you focus it becomes awareness and what ever level of conscience you have the more you know, or at least think you know. We know different regions of the brain do different things but the reality of our whole awareness of ourselfs as an organism in an environment that is deadly really trips me out. The whole awareness changes your mind and is pretty much compared to meaning that is stored in memory somewhere in the brain. I like this post thanks Obli !

  4. I wonder…….Is it possible a really good looking guy would make a less ugly zombie corpse or wouldn’t it matter given the level of damage involved?
    I say anyone would come out looking like a fucking scary fright face given that impact.

    1. Seen your story and photo, that is an epic zipper on your head bro. Hope you’ve healed well and have no side effects other than always winning the I can top that one in a scar contest. Best wishes man. 😉

  5. Looks like it’s being carefully handled like some kind of specimen. They’re probably gonna take it to some experimental lab. where there’s a body sewn together with the limbs from other different corpses and with electrical posts on each side of its neck. Lol! Just in time for Halloween! Maybe a prime donation for the scarecrow. Who the fuck knows?

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