Head Trauma Applied Directly to Forehead

Head Trauma Applied Directly to Forehead

Head Trauma Applied Directly to Forehead

Props to Best Gore member @chowdog for sending in pic:

This happens somewhere in the Philippines.

I just saw in my Facebook timeline posted from other random guy. He just took a photo of the road accident.

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  1. This website is quite nice. If only each and every post was devoid of personal subjectivity, and instead had non-dual observation. Apparently that seems impossible. People come here to be titillated. I like this site because it shows the truth of material life. Death, disease, suffering and the rest uncensored, which everyone tries to hide and lie about. The bloody, smelly mess behind the smooth skin, perfume and glamour. The illusion which everyone mutually accept and base their lives upon. So much potential wasted here by repeating the same illusion.

          1. He may be late for the photo shoot. It seems his dual observation disorder caused a crash on the 401.

        1. Oh, he wasn’t late. Nature has a tight schedule, everything happens right on time. Most are left surprised with a jaw wide open, or in this case the entire face. And yeah you’re right it was a dual observation disorder that made his face a smoothie with a bit of a punch. And, I’m not even joking about that one.

        1. @casualobserver

          It honestly took a triple-take for me to figure out what I was looking at, but now I’m pretty sure that’s the passenger’s knee and not the crotch. She (gender based on footwear) may be wearing jeggings that are being pulled in weird directions? Whatever is happening, I completely agree that it looked like a Bad Touch was in progress!

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