Heart in Hand – Compilation of People Looking Out for Each Other on the Road

Heart in Hand - Compilation of People Looking Out for Each Other on the Road

I would like to conclude our Friday the 13th series of videos with this compilation of people being awesome and looking out for each other on the road. The world needs more people who live with their hearts in their hands. There is so much negativity out there that there can never be too much recognition for people who are ready to give without expecting anything in return.

We here at Best Gore are proud to showcase these awesome people who live with their hearts in their hands. They are willing to step outside of the comfort of their cozy vehicles and face the elements when a fellow human being can’t help him or herself. Any of the people showcased in these videos could have minded their own business and driven on only they didn’t. And that’s what makes them awesome.

It is worth noting that every segment of the compilation is from Russia, or one of former Soviet republics. That is a testament to a society that hasn’t yet descended into a police state. If you entertained such activity in a country like Canada, you’d get tasered, riddled with bullets and if you survived, sued out of every last penny for creating a dangerous traffic situation by stopping on a section of the road where it wasn’t “safe”.

Awesome background music used in the video was produced by young composer from Belarus who goes by the name of Spaarkey. The song is titled “Soon He’ll Be Back”. Spaarkey is only 18 year old. Check out the whole tune on SoundCloud.

148 thoughts on “Heart in Hand – Compilation of People Looking Out for Each Other on the Road”

  1. Nice change of scenery. All I see on this site is destruction in the world and it leaves me feeling disappointed but aware too. This is something I’d like to see more often. BestGuys.Org no gore, just kindness

    1. This is one of the best vids I’ve seen on here for sure, this one and the one where a driver (Russian probably) is caught up in a 4 or 5 car collision and though the destruction is raging on all around him he extremely skilfully manages to avoid it all completely (if anyone could help me with the name of the post to search for it on here that’d be cool cos I can’t remember)

  2. I was driving going to work, when i saw a guy in the wheelchair calling me, he was stuck on the mud, who know since how long, oh well i turned around and helped him get move out the mud and get back to his way.

    1. But, we do it anyway because WE Canadians care. This video made my eyes water, but smile at the same time. There is a lot of good folks out there. Great job Ate. Thanks much for this brother!

          1. Dre is a top notch brother he’s just looking out for Hanabi like a lot of B.G. members look out for each other. I’m curious as to why you hold duplicate accounts Psychonaut1983 & Zen Suffering. What is the point if you don’t mind me asking ?

  3. Who would have thought–Best Gore having a film on altruism. I like it. Nice touch. More like this will be great. I appreciate your site and your vision. I always tell people about this site.

    1. I too am a movie buff so I always love your links Protocols. Thanks for that!

      I loved this video. I am from north Texas where this is normal behavior. We wave at each other on the road. Truckers are different here as well. They are not only (for the most part) courteous on the road, but have been commonly known to help fellow drivers out with escorts, protection, and whatever else is needed. I love Texas! All are welcome!

  4. I remember M posting a similar video. Hard to believe next month will be a year he’s been gone. Seems like it’s been so much longer….
    Thank you @Ate! Seeing people get the shitty end of the stick and the worst behavior that people are capable of, it’s nice to be reminded that there are kind, compassionate people in this world too.

  5. Too me this all looks like normal stuff how people should behave. It’s how I was brought up and how I taught my son to behave and how his friends have been taught to behave.. It’s a shame we’ve come to a point where we find this unusual behaviour.

    1. Couldn’t agree more w m . The PC brigade would have everyone believe that showing kindness is wrong and patronising . I personally don’t give a damn what they say , I know right from wrong , I’ll always lend a hand to those less fortunate or able .

      1. I’m with all you guys on this. Where I live, mostly there is still human decency, respect for people and property and the law.

        Was great to see this video though as everyone can do with a friendly reminder when it comes to doing the right thing, whether that be legal or illegal. You help your mates out, that’s all there is too it. And your mate is still the 90 yo granny crossing the busy road, because that Granny’s grandson could be your best mate, or maybe her husband was killed in WWII defending my country and she served as a nurse saving injured diggers, and that makes her a mate of mine.

          1. Thank you, wicked mama. It’s hard at times, but I’m doing what any of the rest of you would do, for someone you love.
            I’ve never met a man like Future Days. He’s everything a woman could want, and then some! πŸ˜‰ He knows he has all my love, loyalty and respect and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him.

          2. Me and the Purple Rose have a very special relationship. Have any of you ever seen the movie Vampire’s Kiss? Think of how Nicolas Cage treats his secretary in it, and you’ve got us. πŸ™‚

            Hahaha! Just kidding! I love her with all my heart and treat her like a queen! I’d die for her. She is well cared for. 😎

          3. Oh ok, I’m starting to put the pieces together now….I knew that you (@it was me) and FD lived in the same city but I didn’t realise you were together…..

            But one day there were some comments about poisoning, and you said to @FD that his food was safe or something, and then I thought maybe you were a cook at a cafe he ate at!! Ha ha, wow the scenarios we build in our minds!

            What city do you two guys live please?

  6. Sorry a bit of topic here, well not altogether, flip flops are always on topic here.
    I was watching a report on Al Jazeera yesterday and it was about the Kenyan coast. There was a picture of hundreds of flip flops and the new reader said flip flops are the second biggest pollutant in the Indian Ocean. What the fuck? They all wash up on the coast and people collect them and make art and stuff out of them and sell them around the world. I thought I was having a BG inspired nightmare and had to pinch myself.

    1. Bloody hell , I wondered why the beach in Las Americas Tenerife was loaded with flip flops ! I remember thinking they must have been abandoned by a bunch of revellers , although , from memory , they were a bit flea bitten . Now I have the answer .

  7. I think some times we are given tests. I was in front of a pet store where I was doing an exhibit having a smoke. An old guy with a shopping cart come up to me and asks if I knew if they sold toasters. I was in a mind frame to teach idiots how to care for reptiles and fish correctly so this came as a pretty stupid question to be asking me. I tried not to be rude and told him, no, pet stores don’t sell toasters. I put out my smoke and was going back in the store before I got annoyed, and he asked me if they had heaters. I asked him if he was talking about fish tank heaters or reptile cage heaters. He told me he was looking for a room heater, because he didn’t have heat in his apartment and it was cold. The spooky thing was that I did have one in my car, that someone had given me one a few days before that they used to keep a room with a tortoise in it, extra warm. I got it out of my car, put it in his cart, and told him that God must have wanted him to have it. We are all capable of good, even if we try to avoid it.

    1. And couldnt care less if someone deletes the psychonaut1983 account, and i hear ya dre is just looking out for her, its ok, im a nice guy tho, a freak but a nice one, im actually working on getting a degree in journalism so hopefully will be able to go to places that eill give me the chance to get some bestgore material to post

    2. Just wanted to know and have it out there because as you know people who generaly hold duplicate accounts ain’t always got honorable intentions. All we have is our word. It’s just that you came on here like you were brand new and your not. Didn’t know you could be banned for the N word, hell 1/2 of us would be banned for that.

    3. I left a reply to you but it hasn’t come up yet so I’ll probably be assed when it appears twice but the reason I mentioned your 2 accounts is because we have seen people on here use duplicate accounts in a less than honorable way. also under your new posting name you came off like you were new and just trying to get to know everyone but you’ve been here for sometime. All we have is our word that we are who we say we are.

      1. ? Well i never SAID i was new, maybe might of lookef like i was but im not, im 31 years old and been coming on here back from when it used to be OGRISH πŸ™‚ … Havnt always had an account tho, and the reason why i got a post ban is coz i over did it with the n word i think. And i hear ya about duplicates, im not here to troll or whatever other reason peoplr used duplicates.
        Can i ask for whst other reason people used duplicates?

          1. Hanabi it’s a sexual reference. When men you know and trust make jokes and you know they’r not being disrepectful then it’s just a joke,in which case, you give them one straight back. When a man dosen’t know you and talks to you in a sexual way he is being disrespectful and they should just be ignored.

          2. Thanks @Wm I didn’t know what that means I thought it was just misspelled and now I feel dumb πŸ™ btw thanks for calling me hanabi πŸ™‚

          3. Ok you guys are right sorry then… There, just to clear the air im not a creep or anything like that, πŸ™ just thought she seemed cool, she just caught my eye, i live in a town where its all a bunch of posers, wiggers ect look so we dont got too many genuine cool chicks, but i a gree it totally wasnt the right approach, sorry hanaby

  8. Makes you feel good to help someone, I bought an old lady a cup of tea while she was waiting in the rain for a mechanic. felt good all day. Someone once said “Do one thing every day, for someone, that doesn’t benefit you” what a different world it could be.

          1. @DRE That’s why there will never be peace in this world, somebody always murders the messenger. In rock and life Lennon was truly a god of peace and rock-n-roll. Hope him and George are jamming in that Magical Mystery Tour we’ll all take one day. πŸ˜‰

  9. That white beemer narrow escape had great potential.
    Why didn’t he just drive through the gate i wonder.

    Once i picked up a confused but very attractive young girl at night walking on the road only wearing a nightgown, i knew it was only a matter of time before she’d be picked up by the wrong kind of men so i took her home in my car and came late for my nightshift .

      1. That’s good . You never know , the next passer by might have thrown her in the boot / trunk and driven her to some dark forest !.
        Man , I’m seriously gunna have to stop watching those horror flicks .

      2. That reminded me of something that happened to me once. I was driving on a back road, and there was a car pulled over in the lane coming towards me. There were two guys in the car talking to a female jogger. The guy on the passenger side had his door open, rather than just his window rolled down, if he had pulled over to ask for directions. I stopped about two car lengths away and just sat there and watched. They looked right at me and knew I was watching. The guy closed the door and they drove off and I gave them a good look as they went by me. I always wondered if they had intentions of grabbing her.

        1. @Gentlenatureman Good looking out bro I have 4 daughters of my own. Can’t be everywhere at once but good to know there are good people willing to step in.

  10. Thank you. This video brings warmth to my heart.
    That, and the cider I just drank, the weed I just smoked.
    We now return to our regularly scheduled program: heads rolling and blood flowing, somewhere…

  11. I use to rent a house years ago. And my landlord lived across the street with her 100 year old mother. She called me up one day said her mother slipped in the tub and she couldn’t pick her up. So I went there to witness a frail shriveled up old naked 100 year old woman laying there in the tub hopeless. I really didn’t want to touch her because 1 she was a jew. And 2. her tits looked like 2 rotten bananas. Forget about her snatch. There was like 3 pubes clinging on. They must fall off at that age. So I decided fuck it let me look past the gross body and her being a Jew. So I picked her up wrapped a towel around her and sat her down on the toilet safely. I think that good deed was good enuff for the rest if my life.

          1. Nervous as hell, it’s going to be unbearable. No idea, I’d like to think we would hold a good account of ourselves but usually within the first five minutes I remember we’re shite.

          2. If we play to our potential , we’re better than Italy this time around . It’s a big IF mind you . And as you well know , they always put us through the wringer , always some drama or other . I wish I didn’t care , but it’s impossible . Here’s hoping . πŸ™‚

        1. why do you people get so fucked up over someone else kicking a goddamn ball? i feel proud about shit i do my goddamn self. you guys murder each other over shit you don’t even do yourself and shit that has nothing to do with your fucking lives. like those goddamn scum brazilians. explain it, to me, now.

          1. I’ve played the game my whole life , still do . I went to my first match at 5 years old . And without wanting to bore every bleeder to death , well , let’s just say life could have been very different .

            Each to their own obs , you don’t give a shit , fine . There’s tons of things that don’t effect our own lives , all around us as we speak .

          2. cool. i respect an athlete, i respect a man who betters himself physically. that’s why i run, for endurance, that’s why i lift, for strength. thats why no cigs or alcohol or drugs. i just can’t get fucked up over sports, myself. dont get it.

          3. I do get that you don’t get it . There’s lots of history involved in it for us , going back to 1857 . It’s only a game of course , but when you’ve been brought up with it , it’s part of life . And like you say , it keeps you fit , which is great .

            Come on England . πŸ˜€

          4. yes, i forget that the English/Brits are generally more active as a whole. i’m used to these fat-ass americans who live vicariously through others.

            (not EVERY fucking crybaby-ass American, but you know what i’m talking about….jesus fucking christ, i feel like i have to put disclaimers on my fucking comments now since everyone is such a fucking pussy-ass crybaby about every goddamn thing, how the fuck did some of you twats even make it to adulthood?)

          5. *sigh* @Mama, “ewe’s” and i were having a conversation. so what’s with the virtual eye roll?

            i stated i don’t understand the murderous fandom of football, i stated that i respect him for being an athlete himself, and i commend England for its attention to physical conditioning. so what are you trying to suggest?

          1. Although I do think the daughter should have let the water drain out and tucked a blanket around her mum to spare your blushes and let the old lady keep the slightest shred of dignity.

  12. Great to see people helping each other instead of killing each other.

    The train one was close but I wouldn’t of waited for someone to lift the barrier up for me. I would of smashed through that motherfucker and cracked my windscreen into a million pieces.


      1. Yeah I like that notion @ewestomper, though twisting it round maybe that’s how i’ll think of my fix of BG in future, just some healthy yang to balance out the yin of boring humdrum daily life.

  13. Hey πŸ™‚

    Just opened an account been viewing for quite some time..
    This was a great video-there should be more like this!

    Also, does anyone agree that dash and should be mandatory in America?

    And just a question-
    Could someone be so kind to tells how to get the gawd-awful generic stick monster off as my avatar?

    Thanks so much!

  14. I work at a gate as a security guard and one day I was working with another guard who was a newbie and he was walking around in front of the gate with his head down not paying attention then a truck fast approach the gate and I quickly dragged the new guy away from the gate before the truck driver hit him. The boom gate was smashed into pieces and I had saved the newbie from being crushed. Now he walks around with his head up, not down.

  15. I’ll just sAy, I’m either one of the nice ones or stupid ones. I almost always stop for hitch hikers as a pay it forward sort of thing. That and it’s my car so if you want a ride I insist I assault you with my loud music. No but this is great. I help more than I bitch and scream. It’s a balance.

  16. By being Christians(most of Russians) they are in plan for destruction(Zio’s, that shit will not happened) by Orwellian “Liberation”.

    Yes, Slavic people are those with worm hart, once deeply religious but now doomed by Zionist, Serbs especially. God help us

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