Heart Ripped Out as Man Is Completely Destroyed by Truck in Malaysia

Heart Ripped Out as Man Is Completely Destroyed by Truck in Malaysia

Video from Malaysia shows a man completely destroyed by a tanker truck. As he was being smeared by the truck’s dually, his heart was ripped out and landed in the dirt at a distance from the rest of his mangled body.

The part of his body between his shoulder and his knees has been reduced to an out of form reddish blob of flesh. The stretch of road where it happened seems to be in the middle of nowhere with no residential areas nearby, so I’m speculating that he was riding a motorcycle and was swept under the truck perhaps by the draft from the vehicle?

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  1. Looks like wet cat food.

    I was working tonight guys and this guy i was changing his diaper. THere was so much poop , it was running down his legs.
    I just took a deep breath and told my self “this is going to get worse before it gets better” ?

    1. @onion
      There was this guy that ive taken care of before(he got alzheimers).. damn I need to assist him in the toilet every time he poops.. one time im helping him do his stuffs in the toilet, the phone rangs and i have to answer the call so i go out .. the horror on my face when i go back to check him.. damn poops were all over the place.. on the wall, on the floor.. nasty nasty dirty old man.. 🙁

  2. That’s his heart? Looks like a liver or something. I don’t know.

    But seriously those people have no heart they are all going about their business as if it’s normal to see this everyday. .. haha doh..

    1. That’s a liver in my opinion too.
      The heart is stronglly held and connected by a lot of veins and arteries and it is protected while liver is a pretty heavy and almost free mass.
      That liver took a strange shape because of its bending (the parenchima is soft)

  3. It trippy to think thats was the heart, but I don’t mean to be all fucking critical but the heart surgery vid got me comparing shit, and it looks like its fucking lung or liver or some shit but shaped like a heart but trippy…yeah…na cuz…just meat man. -951-

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