Woman Heartless and Bent Out of Shape, Aftermath Motorcycle Accident in Philippines

Heartless Victim Dies on Road With Stranger

A male motorcycle rider in the Philippines still has a head on his shoulders but no helmet after crashing into a woman holding baggage on a road.

The man may be blind in driving safely on roads but is not blind to love. Shortly after the accident, the man asks the woman to dinner. She suggests they share together road chicken parmesan. The motorcyclist declines her offer after seeing she has baggage. She becomes bent out of shape and swears to never wear her heart on her sleeve again. She now keeps it in a blue bag with all other baggage.

If you are not blind, you will see a walkerby with no sole to show.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for this disheartening Valentine’s Day video:

SeraphimKongยฎ Productions

70 thoughts on “Woman Heartless and Bent Out of Shape, Aftermath Motorcycle Accident in Philippines”

  1. @SeraphimSerenata

    Did She Really Become Even More Heartless Than She Already Was Dude???
    Holy-Fuck My Man You Are Right Cause I Have Just Watched-It, But Wold Never Have Thought That That Was Even A Possibility Until I Saw-It

    Oh No,,, I Think She Also “Shat”,,, Smell,,, Smell,,, ๐Ÿ™

    1. That Son-Of-A-Whore Is Still Beating, And Would Break Another Heart If Left To It’s Own Device, And Given Another Chance. So Quick Somebody,,, QUICK,,,Step on NO,,NO, NO, “JUMP” On That
      Fucken-Thang And Squash-it Before it Attempts To Give A Carousel-Ride To A Cricket, Like A Good Single Mother.

      Seraphimโ€“Kongยฎ Productions ??? That is,,, Actually “YOU” Are Fucking Hilarious This Fine Friday Morning My Man @SereaphimSerenata , lol.

      And @honkeykong Thanks For Yet Another Awesome Post Brother. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Hey, I’ll have you know I clean out my Fleshlight with dish soap n’ water after each use. It’s as clean as Celine… so shut your pink lips, n’ keep em shut.

    1. So were you one of the whores at the bar yesterday that put a dozen shots of southern comfort on my tab? Could have been worst I didn’t wake up in a dog kennel located on the outskirts of Tijauna. I
      My Valentine day went alright. Woke up, got wasted by 7AM (or as I like to call it, “a typical day”) then was driving into the city (yes, while drunk) and saw people going in for a wedding – so I circle the block, get some speed up and screetch the breaks so everyone can hear – then run in and say “you can’t do this, what about last night” and pretend to cry while running out. Not sure what happend, I was running and drunk.
      Then I went into Starbucks and asked for a Big Mac. They said I was in the wrong establishment. I said, “shut your mouth and get my burger”. I ended up with one of those breakfast sandwiches that wasn’t all that bad. They actually handed me two stacked on top of each other and said it’s a “starbucks big mac”. After I ate it and apologized for puking in their restroom and peeing in the sink, I left without incident.
      I then went past the make up counter of Macy’s and gave shocked / horrified looks at everyone getting make up applied and repeatedly yelled “what did you do to that clown?!”. Then security asked me to leave. I said, “fine, I’ve got no business here”. It’s not like they even sell the footies with the puff ball on the back! I mean, COME ON!
      End up back at the bar and I scared off all All the girls, and I passed out fully clothed in my bath tub with a remarkable collection of odd things in my pockets, including over a dozen bottle caps and a an unused condom from the bar bathroom . Pack your trash, bro.

      1. My my, you were a busy guy on VD. I was most definitely not one of the bar whores, I hate southern comfort…be thankful you didn’t have a used condom in your pocket. It’s the little things…. How’s the big head today? ๐Ÿ˜›

      2. @the captain – actually mate, you sound like a real fuckwit. It does not surprise me in the slightest that you spend VD all alone or that you “scare off all the girls”. I’d say you scare of everyone in the entire vicinity. What are you the captain of? Cum Breath United ?
        And just lastly, I fucking HATE drink drivers. You disgusting leeches are down there with peadophiles. You fuck everyone else’s life but barely get a scratch when you drink drive into lil kids crossing the zebra crossing. You make me sick. Plus i call BULLSHIT on all the shit you said you did. As if. Dont insult our intelligence. The only thing i believe is that you’re a selfish antisocial alcho that drink drives. You make me sick. Go fuck yourself…..loser.

        1. If you don’t like my little short stories scroll on by them Dutchy. Stick to your usual routine of opioid pain killer and fucking road kill kangaroos with your bush buddies. Perhaps you guys can go get a few oil cans of Fosters sit under that old tin roof of yours and reflect what it was like to own firearms before you became a pussy marxis nation. ,,|,,-_- fuck off

  2. Looks like lasagna fresh out the oven I wouldnโ€™t even wish this fate on any of my old GFs that would be a waste of puss; also no one else would get to enjoy the puss if it was in that shape lol Iโ€™m not greedy sharing is caring

  3. @SeraphimSerenata & @honkeykong

    Micheal Jackson Would Be Proud,
    As He Saw-It Beating-Proud,
    So Beat-It!

    Beat-It,,,, Beat-It,,,,, Take The Blue Bag-Off, & Steel-It,
    Don’t Be A Chicken,,, But Become Sly,,,
    Steel The Beat From It,,,, Before It Goes Dry,,,
    And Then Beat-It, Just Beat-It Beat-It

    Forget The Fancy Moonwalk,,, Just run as fast as you can,
    It’s Not a Baby-Foreskin ,,, But a Heart in your hand,
    Jeouw Better Realize-It, While Alive, And Still can,
    And Beat-It, Just Beat-It, And Beat-It Just Beat-it Beat-it Whooo!

    Jeouw-Gots The Crowd Of People, giving you Da-Glance,
    D’Jew Better Get-It Right, or it’s Da-Silva And His Clan,
    D’Jew Better Run Kike A Nigger, While You Got Your Legs and Still can,
    So Beat-It Yea,,,, Just Beat-It,,, Just Beat-It,,, Just Beat-It,,, Beat-It Jewwww!!!
    So beat-it

          1. I think Pigs is from Punsilvania. He pretty much only speaks in puns. If you can formulate your inquiry into pun form, you might have better luck. I am quite fluent, so if you need help translating, hit me up.

          2. Ah brother, you are too funny man. But Maybe, Just Maybe,, you are 100% correct about @pigsonthewing & @pickmynose123 as they both might thinks that i have the swine flu therefore they are Both staying Da-Fuck Away from Me. And I Say Both Cause One Is A Pig, as myself,,, and the other is a snot that he pulled-out while picking my nose?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I Am Fucking Bored My Good Brother, Can You Tell??

          3. Yea,,, True Enough Eh? Man brother i was wrong about you You know! And i am sorry for being a complete Asshole with you in the past, cause this old-man figured-out that you truly are a good young man, and good soul. But,,, i just took my heart pills my blood pressure pills, and my blood thinners, cause yours truly is falling asleep at the computer, lol. I Tell you brother it sucks getting sick, & old so enjoy every single minute never forgetting to live life to the fullest. And when you reach 40 my God Brother Time Flies.

            When i was A Kid i used to hear my Uncle, Aunts, and other old-people, lol, say the exact same thing, and my cousin, and i would look at each other and frown thinking to ourselves,,, W.T.F. Are they talking about (time flies) but man-o-man were they right!
            Now 1 Full Year seems to fly by the equivalent of what seams like 6 months, you blink and a year is gone ๐Ÿ™

            Anyways,,, you have yourself a good night my good B G Bro, as it is 2:00 A.m. here in Ottawa, and we will surely talk again, as i like talking to you my man, cause you are quick, and witty and always make me laugh which is good for me.
            Take care man, Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Hey,,, there’s My Good B G Brother, and My Music Encyclopedia Friend, lol. I Thought that i had upset you or the like, and you did not want to chat with me anymore. ๐Ÿ™

          But again,,, I Was wrong,,, as i have not been tagging-you when oftentimes replying to you, and unless you have-it set-up for yourself to get automatic notices on your Profile-Page, i can now understand why you were not replying to all of my comments in the last few weeks, or so.

          I Had a couple of Music Related questions to ask you Brother Pigs,,, but because of my “Brain-Damage” which is, and continues to be, an (Awesome tune B.T.W.) as you are well aware of, & know, lol, and puts a smile on my face every time that i mention-it,,, it has resulted in my having Memory Problems,,, and I Simply Forgot The Questions!

          Have a great day, and weekend my man! ๐Ÿ™‚

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