Heel Injury Due to Riding Motorcycle in Flip Flops

Heel Injury Due to Riding Motorcycle in Flip Flops

This video glorifies flip flops like no other.

Young Brazilian fellow had a minor motorcycle accident in which he injured his heel – due to wearing flip flops while riding. He went to see a feminazi doctor and filmed it only to have proof that as a man hater, she refused to give him sick leave for work cause to her the injury was not bad enough… or something like that (perhaps our Brazilian friends can fill us in on what’s really going on).

Either way, a nice combo of gore and flip flops – a match made in heaven.

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      1. And seriously guys… Do you really think that some things cannot be mocked?
        What, you mean that some things are sacred?
        9/11 is sacred?
        That is what you say if you thing 9/11 cannot be mocked.
        So, extensively, 9/11 is becoming a religion.
        If mocking 9/11 is a blasphemy; then 9/11 is a religion. A new one.
        You know here in France we do not have freedom of speach. The law says that if you discuss the historical facts of the holocaust, you go to jail.
        It is when it is forbidden to review historical facts and discuss them that we switch from history to religion.
        This is what secularism does.
        So, WTF, I laught a lot about EVERYTHING, you hear me?
        9/11 is, by far, one of the funniest subjects.
        As there is 6 millions jokes about the holocaust, I think there should be at least a few thousand about 9/11.
        And if you disagree, that means you are a disciple of secularism and you need to take a bit of distance and think that thru.
        Well, yes, I’m an asshole. Ask me a real question, please…

          1. @byhl,come to ny and try to.preach that, let me know how it works out for you man, I’m pretty sure we would up up seeing pictures of you on here, if you decide to please wear sneakers flip flops are played out

          2. Yeah dude…that shit wouldn’t fly there in a fucking second….ummmm…if you’re new here you’re fucking up already…some of us here lost alot because of that shit man….

        1. Totally agree, these secular subsub humans who are raging about 9/11 need to take a look in the mirror. There is infact a reason half the world despises you. They fell from the scraper, so we had to scrape em up.

          1. I wasn’t going anywhere with it @Spidey, just quoting a song. Don’t get your spider tights all bunched up over it, we all know 911 is a very serious thing and not to be mocked.

          2. 911 the emergency number, not 9/11 the day. Lost in translation guys, I wouldn’t be mocking 9/11, I lost a cousin that day. He was killed by Muslims.

          3. We can agree to disagree @PD, and thank you for your condolences. I blame @Senor Piggy and his obscure rap references for all this anyway.

          4. It’s Spiderman’s fault, he is like the serpent in the garden always stirring up shit. I doubt he was even serious. He is quite entertaining and a likable fellow. No homo.

          5. If you live a bit of time on earth, it is very likely you will end loosing people you liked.
            “I lost my cousin” or such other self-complaining statements have no other value that indicating mental disorders inside those who speak like that.
            Loosing someone doesn’t make you the star, doesn’t make you interresting, doesn’t make you the speaker of absolute truth, and above all, doesn’t give you the right to beak the commentary section’s good vibes!

          6. I wasn’t trying to make myself the star of anything @byhl, I was just offering a reason why I wouldn’t mock 9/11. It’s actually right there in my words, “I wouldn?t be mocking 9/11, I lost a cousin that day.” In no where does it say you, him or her shouldn’t be mocking anything. If it’s funny, mock away, by all means. I don’t get off on telling others what they should or shouldn’t think or say. You’re spot on about the mental disorders part though.

          7. Hey byhl..you want funny asshole?? How about you send us some pictures of you sucking on some herpe covered Frenchy dick….I’d find that hilarious…please fuck off with your thoughts about us suss….who the fuck are you AGAIN??..amnyc I send many condolences about your cousin love..that shits rough enough to talk about minus some dickhead talking shit…you’re awesome baby!!!

    1. Nasty and I agree and isn’t it amazing that after gazillions of years some monkeys evolved into such destructive fleshy viruses chasing money but still chew a toenail ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

      Not me.

    2. Ewww..I agree ny!!!..yuck..I hate feet…teeth and ears…I leave my feet for the gooks to deal with…the Armenians can deal with my teeth and a nice qtip will stab my brain if my ears fuck with me…lolz!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. @lady, I hear that hun, I think my ex made me hate feet even more, one day I was digging them guts and some how her freddy Kruger toe nails hit me up side my face, next thing I see is red on the sheets, I’m thinkin her friend just arrived lol, turned out it was my face was sliced yo from her un manicured toes, lesson learned, I always make sure a bitch keeps her sox or stripper shoes on.

        1. Awwww Hell to the NO!!!!…that’s dumping grounds right there my man….never will I fuck a bitch that’s not kept up…men I don’t judge to much because I usual have no interest in them like that..but bitches HAVE to be kept up….ugh…I’m sorry you had to deal with that… =/

          1. I am too ny and you’re funny as fuck man!!!!…lolz…I almost lost my lung just now reading this reply….I DO ride it sometimes..just been out of commission for awhile….my next male experience will be enjoyable for the both…my only problem is that I cannot find the right male to do this with….I no longer want anymore kids..so what’s the point……..ohhh I lie..I have a male crush..BUT i never kiss and tell in some things… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. This is the thing with BG and being a busy site as it can burn people out .

      Visitor traffic and scams and shit would be a challenge but worth it.

      I continue to have respect for the initial lone ranger who now trusts a handful of editors to continue the reality and not the edited versions seen on evening TV.

      1. It is more complex than you can ever imagine.

        We try to do our best to keep this website uncensored, therefore the guidelines on the right side of the page indicating what will not be tolerated, for the sake of maintain good and constructive conversations alive and personal attacks, both at BestGore, our cause and all members at bay.

        We will obviously not allow the shills or the blindfolded sheep’s comments to undermine our efforts to fight global Jewry and ZOG, the very same forces that want to mold the information that gets to the masses at their taste and remove any sort of dissent, anyone trying to keep honest information circulating.

        That being said, it takes time and a lot of research to find material to post here, believe me. And we are voluntarily doing this without receiving any remuneration because what we do is not a mere service, its a privilege, a privilege being able to reach millions of people and keep them informed, up to date with world events and the forces oppressing us.

        We shall never find solutions if reality keeps being constantly obfuscated and kept from public knowledge. The stuff you see on this website is not pretty, but it is an integral part of human nature that needs exposure in order to prevent it in the future.

        Believe it or not, being the biggest shocksite in the world has its advantages. I firmly believe we can deter a lot of crimes from happening by showing the repercussions of bad actions (lynchings and so forth). Internet is now an easily accessible commodity that even third worlders have access to nowadays. So maybe it might force a lot of hoodlums to think twice before acting.

  1. Clearly, this guy just visited Margaritaville. That’s precisely where you blow out your flip flop, step on a pop top, cut your heel, and have to cruise on back home. It says so in the song.

  2. I feel strongly that sandals and all the various offshoots including flip flops have greatly diminished in ergonomic standards over the years, the rise of the mediocre if you will, and it is due to manufacturers and designers having no pride in their products and the end result being, in this case, a damaged ankle for one customer and god only knows what damage has been done to global flip flop reputation.

    Now take the Caligae, they were heavy-soled, hob-nailed military flip flips with strong ankle support for Roman Soldiers and they wore them with pride.

    The Roman legion and their centurions would raid, murder and pillage various villages and settlements and not once, not once did their flip flops get in the way of business, in fact the villagers whose lives were being snuffed out would often say to themselves shortly before meeting their maker “say what you will about the Romans but they certainly do wear spiffing footwear?.

    My conclusion, these modern day flip flops are a mere shadow of their former selves.

    1. Well don’t blame the flip flops, blame the high tech running shoe companies for screwing up our lives. There is a direct correlation between high tech running shoes and runner injuries. Research has found that the more “advanced” the shoe, the more likely you are to develop injuries. These state of the art features diminish the foot’s ability and interferes with the natural running gait. That being said I still wear shoes because running barefoot is a bitch. Running with flip flops is just insane.

      1. Correlation correct.

        Running in sandles is more running dead…..

        I digress because religion is garbage right ?

        That’s right shit rivets….. He ain’t coming back so take those rosey glasses off and see it in reality without a 10% tithe of your MONEY.

    2. As usual…….. Your history outlook is interesting.

      As wordly as you are do you get frustrated that humans sometimes dont’t grasp you ?

      Me personally, I pick stupid in an instant ?

  3. When Achilles was a baby, it was said that he would die young. To prevent this, his mother took him to a river, which offered powers of invincibility, and dipped him into the water. But as his mother held him by the heel, his heel was not immersed in the water of the river. When he was a man and went into battle, he was struck in the heel by a poison arrow, which subsequently killed him.

  4. I saw this kid get ran over the other day, unless my phone is on the fritz again. Is the video a repeat of the baby vs train? Anyhow, I didn’t realize she was decapitated last time I watched. For that brief second that you can see the track after contact, I didn’t see her little head anywhere. Was she decapitated or did it just look like that?

    1. Yeah look…………

      I find it easier when I can see it but not quite.

      If I need to read best gore member ‘Future Days’ on this subject I’m fucked and certainly destined for the scrap heap.

  5. It?s Spiderman?s fault, he is like the serpent in the garden always stirring up shit. I doubt he was even serious. He is quite entertaining and a likable fellow. No homo.

    I blame @Senor Piggy and his obscure rap references for all this anyway

    We can agree to disagree @PD, and thank you for your condolences.

    I blame @Senor Piggy and his obscure rap references all the way………

    Is it my fault…….. It’s fucking funny so prove it I say……..

    I’m so sick of the conspiracy it does m head in.

  6. Ahhh FUCK!!!?!..I love my flip flops man…they never do me wrong!!..they also don’t lead me to crimes or dead people out ANY of that great shit man…..my fucking flops are fired……although I’m not dead either….come back my pink flippy flop!!!….I love you!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. I’m okay love..my tube didn’t disconnect but I’m fucked up on the inside still will some loose fluid that is causing me pain…me acting like a robot and cleaning the house and taking care of others and children isn’t feeling it either…bedrest till further notice…FUCK my life… =/
        Plus side..more time to come here and chat amongst y’all.. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Sorry your in pain lw luv . Cleaning the house can wait I reckon . I really hope someone is looking out for you at the moment for sure . Head up sweety , you’ll get through this I can tell . Good night god bless .

          1. Lolz..I don’t have a choice ewestomper I have to get through this….and I do..I have 3/4 people taking care of me actually….it’s driving me fucking bonkers man!!!…I should be doing my easy jobs atleast BUT because my friend stayed with me last night and the Dr told me NO more anything until okay’d by my neurosurgeon on Wed ughh!!!…I should have alone like I usually do….sigh..I love the fact that people care about me and all that jazz…I really do..I’m just not used to it anymore..I’ve been on my own since I was a teen..no one cares or is listening..meh..it’s okay..anywho thank you hun..I hope you have a great night….I…umm…I don’t really believe anymore but I send you positive vibes back love.. <3

  7. I’ve a confession to make . I have never ever worn a flip flop ! So BG will never get the chance to take the mick out of my footwear if I end up meeting my maker in some gory manner ! So there ๐Ÿ™‚ . If I was the nurse with this guy , I’d have confiscated his flip flops for being such a knob with the camera ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. you’re not missing anything. i think the last time i wore flip flops i was ten. i never really liked them. the way they flip and then flop…something disturbing about those things. *shudder* plus i just like foot wear to be secure on my fucking foot!

      1. You guys are missing the beauty of thongs (what you call flip flops). You see you guys live in the cold wintery northern hemisphere with its snow and frost. We thong wearers live in the southern hemisphere in the humidity, heat and sweat. We don’t want to wear big thick boots and woolen socks as it would be pointless and you would sweat like a motherfucker. Without thongs, life would suck in the tropics. Pulling on and off socks and shoes every time you go for a swim or wearing heavy boots at the beach is just stupid!! Thongs save the day in the climate we live in. We don’t wear them because we are poor and cant afford anything else, like some people keep saying. We wear them because you wear what is comfortable for where you live.

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