All Five Aboard Helicopter Survive Crash, One Man in Street Dies

Helicopter Crash in Brazil, Wing Clips Man of Life

This article is dedicated to Best Gore member @jimrockass:

A helicopter with 5 people flying over a beach in the municipality of Ubatuba, São Paulo in Brazil crashes on the ground due to engine failure.

One man in the street dies by the crash, while all occupants on board walk away uninjured.

Props to Best Gore member @fracazzo for the video:

104 thoughts on “All Five Aboard Helicopter Survive Crash, One Man in Street Dies”

          1. I don’t think that’s how it works. Engine would’ve failed due to mechanical failure or fuel feed issues. Also, there were three occupants – the pilot and two passengers.

            Anyway, if there are too many fat fucks on an aircraft, it simply won’t become airborne. The R44 is perfectly capable of handling 4 occupants at ~200lb each maximum, and this cap is a struggle for room in the front seats.

  1. Good morning everyone. I hope you all have fun on your flight today. If you’ll look to our left you’ll see Mount Wanna Halka Luugy. To our right you’ll see a massive shithole. And down here I’ll show you how to make minced meat pancakes…ENJOY!!

  2. haha, not sure what to think of the dedication, but ill take that as an honnor, still getting ready for the shitload of hate toward my last comment on the pigs thing.. but its ok, man enough to say my opinion.. man enough to deal with consequences, im sure there’s lot of good sense in most of you, been on this site daily since 3 years, and i had this on my mind, felt good to put it out there.. thanks again for the mention…even if its because you wish i was the dude walking on the street and receiving an helicopter on his head, i still appreciated it .

    1. HaHaa.
      The real irony is that it killed a guy named Man of Life.
      And, why does a helicopter have a wing? Stay in your lane helicopter. You’re not an airplane yet.

  3. I don’t really enjoy flying anymore. I spent time with the Air Force flying around then fixed helicopters and private jets for awhile in the civilian world. Lost some friends/co-workers and have known of many fatalities.. I don’t miss aviation at all really. Helicopters can auto-rotate if the engine quits by use of a free-wheel shaft, however, but it’s got to be done by a skilled pilot and with enough altitude.

  4. Very cool video, and luckily it happened at only a couple hundred feet up which surely played a part in these lives being saved. Too Bad for the poor victim on the ground, i hope it was quick, and painless for him. Too bad the high maintenance, 1 ich long 200 dollar bright red fingernailed carousel rider was not the one on the ground insdead. 😉

  5. Yeah, the crew of the choppa should also had at least one casuality, lest it’s unfair.

    On another note – ensure that you have enough fuel before taking off, and don’t underpay your helicopter technician.

    1. @raceblakhart

      Ubatuba dumping doo doo
      Another day in Brazil, it’s true.
      Rampant thieves, a machete-slash-spree
      If you are wise you’ll pack up and flee.

      What will arise if you’re wearing flip-flops?
      Drop from the sky with a terrible ‘plop’.
      Corruption, assassins on scooters for two.
      If you’re stuck here you’re pretty much screwed.
      One way or another.

      (‘Oompa Loompa’ from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory for those who didn’t catch on.)

  6. Choppers are so dangerous. It was only a few months ago Leicester city football club owner died. Set off on pitch just got over stadium and plummeted to ground and blew up. Vic Morrow lost his head and the 2 kids he was carrying died plus crew filming helicopter scene in twilight zone. I won’t ever go in a helicopter.

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