Heroic Chinese Bus Driver Mortally Wounded by Flying Piece of Metal

Heroic Chinese Bus Driver Mortally Wounded by Flying Piece of Metal

This is the side of China we don’t get to see very often because it doesn’t happen very often, but it does exist. While China most certainly is a country of uncaring, compassion lacking people (oftentimes made that way by the oppressive system), as seen in this video, some Chinese people do go an extra mile looking after strangers.

This 48 year old Chinese bus driver was performing his work duties when out of nowhere, a piece of metal came off an oncoming truck and smashed into the bus head on, hitting the driver in the arm and abdomen, causing severe damage to his internal organs. That piece of metal was a deadly weapon flying at high speed – how did it not kill him is a mystery. A true terminator bus driver right there.

The bus driver sustained mortal wounds which eventually claimed his life, but not before he safely brought the bus to a stop, turned hazard lights on and advised the passengers not to get off the bus because they were on a highway and could get hit by a passing car. It doesn’t get any more heroic than that.

You may remember this video from Russia in which a flying brick killed a passenger. The bus driver in today’s video was hit by a fucking piece of metal. It did not hit him in the head but it was still a piece of metal propelled by the speed of the truck it came off of. Try to drop a barbell on your abdomen from 3 feet high to see what I mean. Then imagine taking on the same barbell from 30 feet up. A terminator bus driver indeed.

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    1. Your avatar has inspired scientific thoughts. I have concluded that if that driver had a chest as healthy as yours, he would have survived that flying piece of metal. Now I’m not saying all Chinese drivers should get breast implants, but if the Chinese Transportation department was to hire buxom bus drivers this type of tragedy could be avoided. Ride in comfort and safety on Bruxom Brus Rinds.

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  1. The people behind him had little/no reaction at all, as if nothing even happened, they didn’t even respond to see what was going on.

    Anyway, props to the bus driver. Others would’ve lost control of the bus and would most likely bring some people with him to the after life.

  2. He knew he was fucked the minute it hit him and blood started coming out of his mouth, must have hurt like all holy hell! Poor bastard just doing his job, in China his family probably won’t get compo but a bill for the fucked window.

  3. He reacted the best way possible.

    Flawless save of all passengers, what else can you ask for considering that he died due to the injuries he sustained?

    One of the few rare instances where the risk of traveling in a vehicle hits (no pun intended!) an innocent person unless the part that killed him came from a truck that didn’t secure their load properly…


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  4. That looks like a coach not a bus, look at the leg room for the front seat and you can see there’s a curtain. They must have been off on a sight seeing trip or something. If your a coach driver you woudn’t have to deal with random people getting on and off every stop so I’m sure there’s a lot less hassle from the public. Maybe they’ve been on the coach for days and he’s got to know them a bit which is why he got up to tell them to be careful.

  5. I hope the police in these cases are able to track down the vehicles with drivers who failed to strap down their cargo the right way. Might just be neglegent manslaughter but someone still needs to be held responsible.

  6. I’m not sure the passangers were really aware of what was happening, or the severity of it. The fact that the driver took everything so calmly was heroic but probably worked against him in that he didn’t get help quickly. R.I.P.

  7. This is the China that our Flying Tigers fought for. The China that existed before the Communist oppression descended upon & enslaved them. The China who’s society could enhance the world with its rich history, if only unshackled from the last 70 years.

    It is instinctive that any man should to offer help & seek well being for fellow man, no matter the political system that has been leveled upon them.

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