High Speed Head On Crash Caught on Dashcam in Russia

High Speed Head On Crash Caught on Dashcam in Russia

Caught on dashcam in Russia – high speed head on collision happens right in front of the car with the dashcam and because all cars on the highway appear to drive at a high rate of speed, the dashcam car ran into the wrecks too. There was no chance for the passengers in the head on cars surviving such rapid stoppage even if their airbags deployed.

The crash appears to have happened on a bridge and was caused by the oncoming car. For whatever reason the driver abruptly and unexpectedly swerved in the way of the car in the opposite way making any chance of a safe dodge an impossibility.

Fast forward to 0:50 for action. Props to Best Gore member footlover for the video. He says 4 people died instantly in the crash and at the moment of the impact the speed was 200km/h:

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          1. @wicked mama, Mark wrote above that @footlover said at the moment of impact they were going 200km/h. Is 125mph not the correct conversion? Or do you mean you doubt they were going that fast?

          2. @nightstalker,
            thanks for that, I didn’t realise the car ahead hit a car coming the other way, I thought it was a weird pile up. Shows why girlies like me shouldn’t comment on posts like this, I never know what the fuck is going on.

          3. @baked,
            F = G ? [(m1m2)/r?]

            F = G ? [(m1m2)/r?]

            F is the gravitational force between the two objects, measured in Newtons. M1 and m2 are the masses of the two objects, while r is the distance between them. G is the gravitational constant, a number currently calculated to be 6.672 ? 10-11 N

          4. I created an account today just to clarify this, because the physics above is incorrect.

            If two cars crash at a 100kmh they do not receive a total impact of 200mph.. they still each only receive an impact of a 100mph.

            The confusing from @wicked mama, comes from (I think) the fact that he is not used to russian driving? There is no reason why they could not drive 125mph on a single lane road with other cars – I don’t see how thats an argument to support your statement.

            If the cars are capable of it or not, I am not sure.

          5. @freak,
            it’s quite simple, if that cars doing 125mph then the cars in front are doing a similar speed. They don’t all look to be driving Ferrari’s to me.

  1. When I watch these dashcam videos with a beer next to me, I feel like I’m drinking and driving. Given the typical end result of these videos, I’ll stick with the impromptu late night computer chair simulations…

      1. I’m in my 30s. If you fall out of your anything while drinking at this age, then you shouldn’t BE drinking in the first place! But I get your point, and will remember it if I ever find myself staring up at the stand that has my printer on it.

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  3. Two vehicles moving at 100km/h each that strike each other head-on at that speed are not hitting each other with the kinetic-energy equivalent of 200km/h.

    If nowhere else, the MythBusters disproved that myth. The kinetic-energy in a head-on collision at-speed is almost like hitting a large, immovable object and not doubling the single-car speed of either vehicle.

    So these vehicles hit head-on at around 100km/h (kinetic-energy wise.) The opposing vehicle’s speed does not double the kinetic-energy delivered, merely make it act as a very, very large object that the other vehicle delivers its 100km/h-version of energy into.


  4. like the way hes more concerned for the front end damage to his car than anything else. Had a friend that this happened to, he was injured recieved over 100k uk, as he hasnt been able to drive since. Physically fine, but cant get in a car.

  5. You know, thinking on it, the four people were about to die. They were driving down that road, completely unaware that their time was up in a few seconds. Sucks to be them.

    On a side note, that airbag deployed in the blink of an eye. I knew they had a really rapid deployment, but that was balistically quick.

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