High Speed Hit and Run Caught on CCTV in Kazakhstan

High Speed Hit and Run Caught on CCTV in Kazakhstan

Video from Kazakhstan, one of former Soviet republics. Filmed in the winter time, it looks as though the driver could not make it through the intersection in time, the light turned red so he stepped on it to quickly get through before crossing traffic could block his way. Unfortunately for the pedestrian who had the right of way by that time, the speeding vehicle mowed him down, send him spinning through the air like a ragdoll and fled.

It was a brutal hit and run and it was caught on a CCTV camera. No info on whether the pedestrian survived but I wouldn’t be too positive.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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42 thoughts on “High Speed Hit and Run Caught on CCTV in Kazakhstan”

    1. The Kazakhstanian denounce ‘Borat’ for defaming the Great nation of Kazakhstan… But 2 years later they were praising and thanking Borat, because after that comedy PseudoDocumentary, Kazakhstan got so much more public images and advertisment that their tourist industry rise by 4x I think.

      “Kazkhstan is the Grreaatest, country in the world, all ooooother countryyy, they all run like little girl”

  1. Knee breakers the worst. During my early college day I saw this girl around campus who probably had one of these accident that blew her knee. She was very pretty but the walk she walked was… well… lets just say she look like she was imitating those Nurse from Silent Hill πŸ™

    1. Luckily her face didn’t look like those nurses either. but seriously… poor girl, sucks to have an accident (or maybe even birth defect) that brings everyone’s attention who’s around you.

  2. My mother was recently hit by a truck. I wasn’t there to see it, and she can’t remember a thing about it. Every time I watch videos of people being struck by vehicles, I just imagine what it would have felt like to be my mother in that situation. I’d think about the people in the videos too, but… Meh.

    1. Did you mother crack her skull and bruise her brain by any chance ? Thats what happened to me when I got hit. I can’t remember pain, not even a headache, but I remember waking up in hospital and feeling dizzy and pukey. Thats about it. I think because of the impact to the head, your mother wouldn’t even remember the pain if she was awake and then passed out.

  3. I can’t get over the apathy i see in so many vids on here. Just look at that cunt on the corner doing ab-so-lute-ly sweet fuck all for that poor cunt on the ground. I would be straight over there with my phone out pointing like a thai :-). Ah no seriously, thats fucked

    1. Yeah your fine to get run over in any other country except China, as every other countries citizens woudl stop to help you.

      I think your safest bet if you ever go to China, is to get inside one of those giant blow up balls that you can roll along in. Because if your on foot and you get f**ked up… you aint going to make it.

    1. @ThaDRIP: If the kid getting squashed by the ambulance was 200, then a stroller and parent would be like 250.

      If you happen to run over a crackhead nigger while he’s being chased on foot by cops, you win the game. (312,000,000 people in America alone, tell me it hasn’t happened statisticly to some lucky guy out there.)

      I love the Law of Averages! Makes me think of crazy shit that has probably happened just because of how many people are in the world.

      1. How many points win? And where do I collect my prize? I will go crackhead hunting right now if Bob Barker lets me see what’s behind door number 3.

        There’s actually 314,144,783 people in the states..well at the moment, till someone dies or is born I guess..

        Have any of you checked this site out? http://www.usdebtclock.org

        It shows everything in real time..Enjoy!

  4. Wow, at least someone got out and….well it looked more like he took something from the victim, or was that just my eyes playing tricks on me. I know when my mother died of a heart attack(DOA hospital)her wallet and paycheck mysteriously went missing…..fucking ambulance attendants.

  5. out of the blue comes the speeding car to take a fv life. an emmisary of the grim reaper himself. he has many tools with which to perform his grim tasks, removing fv from the Earth. pray that he not cast his gaze upon thee too soon. i feel very profound now.

  6. If the pedestrian hadn’t seen the car coming they would probably still be alive today. Notice how just before the impact they get frozen to the spot. Poor bastard knew exactly what was about to happen. I’d rather get offed knowing fuck all about it.

  7. Omg i love the arm flail of the living pedestrian!! Classic!! And if i aint mistaking the car about to turn the corner looked as though he may have also been about to hit the person walking?? Heh?? Idk its early and im already high so fuck it!!

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