Highway Accident Results in Large Explosion

Highway Accident Results in Large Explosion

Fatal accident happened on the M-6 highway in Russia on August 14, 2013 and was caught on dashcam. A Renault passenger vehicle with three people on board collided head on with a GAZ truck – a collision that resulted in large explosion which engulfed both Renault and GAZ, and also slightly damaged a Chevrolet Niva.

It is believed that the collision was caused by the Renault driver who unintentionally swerved into the oncoming lane while trying to light a cigarette. Both him and his daughter died. His wife, who was also on board, survived. Everybody in the truck survived, although one passenger had a close call trying to escape the flames through mangled frame of the cabin.

Notice how everybody was so taken aback by the explosion, they didn’t know how to attempt to help the victims without also burning themselves. It took almost 5 minutes for the road construction workers to realize that water in the white paver, which they use for watering freshly laid asphalt, could be used to put out the fire with.

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      1. “***Yikes! At least they don?t just stand around gawking. I really like that about most of the Russian vids we see.

        ?I imagine they were running to save the Vodka”

        Why do we always reduce russians to no more than a false stereotype?

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  1. Sad that two people died yet another easily preventable death. The guy could have waited to clear the hazard area to light up, or asked his wife to do it. Hell, that’s what passengers are for, doing shit the driver can’t so they can concentrate on driving and don’t wreck out. I myself have light up cigs for my dad while he was driving. Even when I would drive around by myself I would wait for red light or no traffic before attempting to do something else.

    Hope the collision knocked em out so they didn’t suffer.

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