Hit and Run Leads to Attempted Vigilante Justice and Head on Crash

Hit and Run Leads to Attempted Vigilante Justice and Head on Crash

This dashcam video from Kazakhstan is a perfect example of near instant Karma. The driver of the Mercedes with the dashcam rammed a pedestrian and without flinching, fled the scene. This inspired a would be vigilante justice from other drivers who witnessed the hit and run. You can see a black luxury sedan (another Mercedes?) getting in the runaway car’s way in an attempt to stop it. That forced the runaway car to swerve into the oncoming lane and ultimately collide with an oncoming vehicle.

After a strange intermezzo, the video returns to show a group of vigilantes getting off the black car and making their way towards the Mercedes with the dashcam, but the driver managed to drive away before they could get him. High speed pursuit which followed forced the Mercedes driver to drive recklessly and swing in the oncoming lane on a few occasions. That eventually lead to a violent head on collision with an oncoming car.

The Mercedes driver allegedly died as a result. The others, including the pedestrian he hit allegedly survived. With Karma after your ass, you ain’t running away. Props to Best Gore member De Geso for the video:

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133 thoughts on “Hit and Run Leads to Attempted Vigilante Justice and Head on Crash”

  1. Pretty fucking stupid. Just slow down for a little bit, they’re not gonna box you in. Not like you’re gonna slow down so much that the vigilantes can get out and catch ya (apparently he forgot how long it took them before). Oh well, one less sheep. I wonder if he was doing the headbang while driving as well.

  2. Good Im glad he died the piece of shit. It’s frightening to watch as we drive on the other side so this way looks absurd when watching it like it’s totally wrong. Im sure others feel the same when watching us.

        1. Seriously, JJ your fucking avatar gets you so much attention. I honestly cannot remember the last time I didnt see some suspected form of female comment on it. You should get it printed on a t-shirt and walk around the mall with it.

  3. Mercedes are great cars too bad that idiot could handle. Definitely driving like a bat out of hell. Well he got his just deserts. Sorry for the pedestrian & other head on driver. Good to see people in Kazakstan give a hoot. That song always induces an involuntary continuous whipping of my head to the right side.

        1. A pigeon? Damn can’t say I’ve been that lucky but I did run over a large possum on my bike once, I thought I would go down for sure since I was doing about 60 when the big critter ran in front of me and stopped but nope went right over the sucker and heard the loudest crunch ever don’t know if it was the skull or spine and ribs who knows I didnt stop. I’ve also been hit in the face by so many bugs I probably qualify to become an entomologist

  4. Totally useless idiot. Be a man, stop your car, get out, wait for the cops and take the heat – instead he probably took out another driver if not more people in that oncoming car because his tiny balls crawled up inside him.
    People suck.

    1. You never know, maybe the fleshy viruses in the other cars, and even the pedestrian did something horrible just before they got fucked in the anus by the dash-cam douchebag. Then that would be fair karma for everyone! ^-^

  5. Question: why would anyone who drives like this shit-for-brain even consider placing a dash cam in his vehicle? Was it to record his inconsiderate driving? Maybe he placed it there in order to provide the cops with evidence, should he be stopped for his reckless endangerment of other motorists. Either way, hopefully the crash sent him “DOWN THERE”, Hitler’s balls are not going to lick themselves.

  6. I’ve been lurking here for a while but decided to post now because this reminds me of one of the things in my own life that got me “interested” in gore. When I was seven a very close family friend and her husband were killed by a 60-year-old lady in a Mercedes who had clipped a pedestrian and fled. Another car took off after her and a couple blocks into the chase the running woman blew through a red light and broadsided a pickup so hard the truck became airborne and landed right on top of my friend and her husband as they sat in their convertible — crushing them to death instantly. The woman who caused the whole thing wasn’t badly hurt (whereas the truck driver is quadriplegic, if I remember correctly) and was sentenced to 10 years in jail, which was the max allowed where I lived. Although I don’t like seeing people die (unlike some here), I must say that I smiled a little bit after this video because the instigator of the crash was the only one who died… I wish that was the case when I was seven.

    1. Welcome morbid, and I don’t think its that we enjoy watching people die but I think its more the fact that we enjoy watching people get what they deserve just as you explained, there is nothing better than watching karma go to town on a narcos neck or watching some dumb fuck sorry excuse for a sheep get slaughtered.

  7. I don’t see how this is “karma” for the hit an runner or the other people that will have to pay $$$$$ for the damage to their cars. Or the people that will have countless $$$$$ in medical bills and life long PTSD. More of a dumb ass crashing his car.
    I don’t believe in karma but whatever.

      1. @killajamal, I do have compassion for the pedestrian and the others that were injured. The driver showed none towards them, so thats why I have none for him…….did you misunderstand me, or are you just joking?

          1. I know! Its like trying to have an argument over text message. You never know how angry the other person really is:P
            Thank you! I feel a little better today. But the painkillers barely work for me:\ they just make me silly.

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