Hit and Run Caught on CCTV in Santa Isabel, Bogotá, Colombia

Hit and Run Caught on CCTV in Santa Isabel, Bogotá, Colombia

Hit and Run Caught on CCTV in Santa Isabel, Bogotá, Colombia

On November 14, 2018 at 10:30am, a case of hit and run was caught on a CCTV camera in Santa Isabel, Bogotá, Colombia. A silver/grey Skoda sedan mowed down a 91 year old man who was crossing the street and fled the accident scene.

I did not get the update on the condition of the victim, but in that age, even the smallest accident could have severe consequences. The video playback appears slowed down a bit.

Props to Best Gore member @colombian666 for the video:

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59 thoughts on “Hit and Run Caught on CCTV in Santa Isabel, Bogotá, Colombia”

      1. that’s exactly the point..

        he lived for 90+ years.. avoiding all the shit of the world… and could get a chance to die naturaly..

        instead, its at the last moment of his life that he die the worse way possible… killed.

        1. You have a valid point, but he wasn’t murder it was an accident.
          I think the point of this web site is to show the brutal reality, then comment.on it. Many of us, I think, make light of this as a way to deal with this reality.
          No, it may not be fair, but it’s inevitable.

  1. And he said “I’m not so old that I can’t cross the street on my own”… but he forgot to wear his glasses and hearing aids.

    Also it looks like the driver might’ve gotten distracted by that biker overtaking him hence not stopping in time, he tried to swerve out of the way at the last second.

  2. Lets paint a Hypothetical Picture.

    This old guy had been getting away with Murder of young Prostitutes for about 35 years, after all, Nobody ever suspects the senile old man Jerking off in the corner of your Favorite Diner.
    He’s been playing Fast and The Geriatric Furious with the Law and it was the Universe who finally handed this man his Comeuppance.

  3. The beep is a sound to let you know the action is about to start in other words beep means someones about to get fucked up…i love how he stays on the bonnet of the car going for a wee spin down the road….weeeeeeeeeee this is so much fun

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